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A Big Tower Player Home within a breathtaking scenery

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Ravens Nest Tower

A big tower for the player, located near Kagrenzel on top of a cliff.
It´s fully navmeshed, needs no DLC and was cleaned with Tes5edit


Everything you need for an adventurous life in Skyrim

- Horse stables
- Breathtaking scenery
- Kitchen area with lots of custom storage
- Lab with lots of custom storage
- Nice living area
- Two follower beds
- Many bookshelfs
- Many chest
- Many display cases
- Lots of mannequins
- Basement with big smithing area
- Wine cellar
- Display-museum area
- Old dwemer bath

To get the key, search for a chest near the main door!


Skyrim up to date


Extract RavensNest.esp and RavensNest.bsa into your Skyrim Data folder

Suggested mods:

aMidianBorn Imperial Forts (makes the tower look awesome)
aMidianBorn Whiterun
Enhanced Noble Furniture (Makes the interior look much nicer, including red beds!)


* InsanitySorrow for his awesome modders resources
* Tamira for her beautiful Statue model and resources
* Oaristys & Tony67 for their wonderful modders resource pack!
* FPI Research for jars resource

...thanks to Tamira for testing, Darkfox127 for the tutorials and Hodilton, Nozi87 and Sidras for the awesome vids!