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2 FULLY VOICED & Standalone Essential / Marriageable followers.
With In-Game Body Changer, and Single ESP download. Easily switch between options/bodies in game (also BBP versions) in each All-in-One. VAMPIRE & WEREWOLF Options.
10 Body Types: CBBE,UNP,CBBE BBP,7Base BBP,UNPBlessed BBP,ADEC BBP,DreamGirl,CBBE Slim,CBPE,UNP Slim

Permissions and credits
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[size=18]Aurora and Twilight[/size]

Aurora and Twilight are FULLY VOICED by Anna Castiglioni (aka Anduniel) and Standalone Followers, including Vampire and Werewolf Options. They are Marriageable and Essential, and will level with the Player (at 80%) up to a maximum level of 150. They are based off of the characters created by Shadowfake.
Shadowfake has posted Nina preset for CharGen, to make your character look like Aurora.

Including an In-Game Body Changer
Easily switch between Multiple Body Types, Vampire Option, Hair Styles and Tattoo Options for both followers.
Werewolf transformation also works.
Summon any follower back to you, anywhere in Skyrim. Each Follower preset has their own unique inventory.

CBBE / UNP Standard package
CBBE BBP / SeveNBase BombShell BBP package
ADEC BBP / UNP Blessed BBP package
CBBE Slim / Dream Girl package

Great Showcase Video by Hodilton
Another Great Showcase Video by Slytra


Aurora can be found at the Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun. Twilight must be summoned, using the In-Game Body Changer Spell, which is learned by reading Aurora's Journal.
Followers are Marriageable and Essential, and will level with the Player (at 80%) up to a maximum level of 150. They have Vampire Options and Werewolf Transformations.

10 Body Options: CBBE, UNP, CBBE BBP, SeveNBase BBP, UNP Blessed BBP, ADEC BBP, Dream Girl, CBBE Slim, CBPE, UNP Slim
Also choose: 2 Hair Options, and With / Without the Tattoos

There is also a custom outfit, which are playable if you use AFT / EFF / UFO to change their default outfits.

Aurora is a Spellsword: She favors the sword, but proficient in Destruction and Restoration Magic.

Spells: Healing, Flames and Firebolts, Iron/Oak/Stone Flesh depending on her level, Sparks

Her Perks: Destruction, Restoration, Alteration (for the flesh spells), Recovery, Fighting Stance, Bladesman, Light Foot

Combat Behavior: She will use both Melee and Magic, but will favor the sword.
- She starts by casting a Flesh spell on herself, usually while charging toward the enemy.
- She will use her projectile spells until she gets into sword range then switch to sword.
- After that she uses a combination to Flames/Sparks (depending of the enemy) and sword attacks.
- She will recast Flesh spells as needed.
- If the enemy runs, she will pursue. If he gets out of range of her sword swings she will pelt him with
her projectile spells.
- If she has no way to get close enough to use her sword, then she focuses on barraging them with her
projectile spells.
She is essential and will not die, but she will go down. She is powerful, but not over powerful and she will run low on magic.

In-Game Body Changer:

Easily switch between all of the different options in game, with both UNP and CBBE based bodies in an All-in-One ESP. There are also BBP versions. You can enable and disable each one independently. Also choose between Vampire Options, Hair Options and Body Tattoos.

A magic spell in game makes it possible to switch between these options. You will automatically learn the spell when you read Aurora's Journal, and will allow you to pick and choose all of the options for each girl you want. You can use the spell to reset the Marriage Quest, if needed. Also, you can use the spell to transport any missing follower back to you, if you lose them, anywhere in Skyrim.

*Each follower preset is also able to keep her own inventory, separate from the other presets, if you want.


For Standard UNP/CBBE and all NON-BBP Versions:
This is a STANDALONE follower mod! No other mods required. Simply download by using the Nexus Mod Manager. You can select in game the body and version of each girl you want.

For All BBP Versions:
1) NOTE: To run any BBP-Body version Mod properly, you have to install a skeleton which supports BBP or TBBP such as XP32's XP32 Maximum Skeleton, which is what we have used. If not you'll get a crash at startup. There are several skeleton/animation/package options out there to choose from.
2) Download and activate the mod through the Nexus Mod Manager

*Fully Compatible with Amazing Follower Tweaks (AFT), and CBBE skin texture V2 V3 plus Thepal and UNP compatible by navetsea

*Please read forum posts about compatability notes and fixes with Extensible Follower Framework (EFF) and Ultimate Follower Overhaul (UFO).

Hearthfires DLC User's:
For all custom-voiced followers, the best option to have them move into a Hearthfire House is to use the 'My Home is Your Home' mod.

If you want your kids to move with Aurora go to the Vilja mod page and download HearthfireKidsMovingFix (First File).
When you adopt a child in Hearthfire and you are not married, you can tell your child if you want him/her to move to another of your (children-adapted) houses. However, if you are married, this dialog will vanish from adopted children; when you tell your spouse to move, the children will automatically follow with him/her to the new place.

However, if your spouse is a modded npc with an unique voice (unless it specifically has Hearthfire as a requirement), the appropriate dialog for moving with children won't show up.

That mod will allow you to continue to give your children instructions to move somewhere else, also after your character has got married. In general, it will also relocate your spouse to the same place.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I find the followers?
Aurora can be found at the Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun. Twilight must be summoned, using the In-Game Body Changer Spell, which is learned by reading Aurora's Journal (from your inventory, not the follower's).

I read the book, but I didn't learn the In-Game Body Changer Spell?
Make sure to read the book from your inventory, not the follower's inventory.

I want to change a girl to another body type or option?
Make sure to dismiss the current follower version you are using, then use the In-Game Body Changer spell to select another version.

Can I marry her?
YES. The Marriage Quest can also be reset under Extra Options if needed.

Where is the In-Game Body Changer?
You will automatically learn the spell when you read the Book each follower carries.

How do I make the followers turn into a werewolf?
The followers will use the typical game mechanics to turn NPC followers to werewolves. They are also compatible with other mods that add the Werewolf infection/turn options to the followers, like Werewolf followers by Brevi

The quest keeps referring to Aurora, but I'm using Twilight?
The Quest is actually about the backstory of Aurora, and Twilight is an alternate version of her, which can be used at the same time as Aurora. Both girls are voiced and will work with the quest.

I have Helgen Reborn, since this mod has a quest that includes Helgen, can I use this mod with Helgen Reborn?
You will need to complete Aurora's short quest before beginning that great mod.

Aurora and the Orc - Why does she hate them so much? Read her journal to find out more.

Credits and Permissions :

Thank you to the list below, who have contributed in some way to the creation of Aurora.

Shadowfake - The original creator for her beauty and providing the files I would need to recreate her.
VRApollo - As always, these mods would never turn out as great without VRApollo working with me, side by side. :) Also, the creator of the In-Game body changer, and quest line.
Anna Castiglioni (aka Anduniel) - She is the amazing voice of Aurora/Twilight, and did a fantastic job!

KnightRangersGuild for the original inspiration for the quest and current backstory.
Also, Thank you to the following people who helped do final beta testing: ff7legend, gucky2010, and of course Shadowfake and VRApollo.

Thank you for the permission to use your fabulous work.
Urshi and DonnyDucky - for allowing us to use Eryniel Elf Reborn Face and Body Textures, which also includes the following resources.
Dimonized UNP Female Body by Dimon99
Caliente Female Body by Caliente
Acdale EyeCandy Body ADEC by AcDale
Dream Girl Body by Petrovich
SeveNBase a custom FemaleBodyReplacer by Crosscrusade DeMoNhUnTeR1986 Sevennity
Caliente Beautiful Petite Edition - CBPE by Nikitaa
UNP BLESSED BODY- UNPB REDUX PROJECT by Blessed Redux Project team
Lunari Race by Bhaktisean
CBBE skin texture V2 V3 plus Thepal and UNP compatible by Navetsea, for the body skin texture and normal map
Navetsea UNP Seamless by alt3rn1ty
Ear models for modders by Nouserhere
FemFeet by Phygit
Better Hand Mesh by MrTroubleMaker
Better Females by Bella
Better Females By Bella Natural Edition by Zzjay
Better Vampire Fangs and Eyes by Aipex8
Custom Tintmask Files by Diethardt
Face Tattoo Warpaint by TairenSoul
Enhanced Character Edit by Tktk and RAN46 for the tri files and head mesh
The Eyes Of Beauty
Brows by Hvergelmir
RaceMenu and Overlays by Expired, for face creation
CharGen Extension by Expired, for face creation
NPC Nif Merge by Turulo
Hair converted by Hello Santa and ZZJay. We also contacted the original hair creator NewSea, and received permissions with special instructions to include them in our followers. Red/Black Texture for Twilight second hair created by VRApollo.
Elven Archer Armor - UNP by NewerMind43
Elven Archer Armor Retexture by tanishin
MissAniThrope and chakaru11's True C Eyes
Thank you to Vamyan (Race Compatibility and UFO) and expired6978 (Extensible Follower Framework) for helping answer questions regarding compatibility with EFF and UFO. You both were a big help!

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