Max Out All Levels and Perks by Tommy6860
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Two files where you can max out your levels and abilities (perks). PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS!
Install files directly to the "Skyrim" folder.

Start game, and when you get to the point where you are "unbound", use these files. in order:

Start console command by hitting the "tilde" key, then type (no quotes) "bat s" (space between the the "t" in "bat" and the "s".) then close console (hitting the "tilde" key again). Once you hit that, then level up accordingly anyway you see fit. After you have used all perks and choices for magicka, health and stamina, then the start console again. Now type "bat perk" (with a space between the "t" in "bat" and the "p" in "perk") and all of your perks will be maxed or completed.. It is as simple as that.