About this mod

The Chicken is an animal companion who performs random actions which you will find amusing. This is a fun mod to celebrate Christmas and to just have a good laugh with. The best way to know what this mod is all about is to download it and give it a go.

Permissions and credits

The Chicken is a random mod which I created for a bit of fun.This is a remake of the original mod which was far more basic and can be found in my junk box. I decided to create The Chicken Returns as a separate mod because of how many changes I have made, and the fact that this version includes an MCM system. The Nexus version didn't exactly get off the mark and the Steam version will then not be affected by any additional mod requirements. There are also other reasons I won't go into.

The Chicken is a potential follower who you will find living in a small pen just outside of Solitude. If you head over to Katla's Farm just down the path from Solitude, you will find The Chicken there. You will first however need the book "Sheogorath & The Chicken" which helps to keep this mod somewhat lore friendly, unlike the original version. Further details on getting started can be found below.

The Chicken is no ordinary follower and will not always do as you ask. The Chicken can not really be trusted to carry items or even help you in battle, so hand over items and rely on The Chicken at your own risk.

Clicking on The Chicken will result in it doing something random each time, which can be anything from stealing your money, to throwing you in prison. As I mentioned, you can have The Chicken follow you and carry some of your items. The Chicken acts as a sort of pack rat but doesn't always carry everything you ask.

The best way to find out more about this mod is to download it and give it a go. Let me know what you think in the comments, and if you have any ideas to add, feel free to drop them in there too. The Chicken will come out with some random stuff and I hope you enjoy the mod.

Thanks for viewing.

The first thing you must do after installing and loading up the mod, is grab yourself a copy of "Sheogorath & The Chicken". You need to gain access to the Blue Palace Pelagius Wing which is linked to the quest Mind of Madness. Once you are in there, you will need to find the book which can spawn in one of five locations. Reading the book will allow you to use "The Ring of The Chicken.

Now that you have the book and have read it, you can head to Katlas Farm outside of Solitude and find The Chicken. Inside The Chicken's own unique pen, you will find the ring. Equipping the ring will have The Chicken follow, and unequipping will have the opposite effect.

There will be further instructions inside the mod for how things work, and I'll be writing up a guide on my website.

If you use the SkyUI interface, you will have access to the MCM system to configure The Chicken. If you don't have SkyUI or the patch around to use MCM, you will need to use the power handed to you by the book.

If you do have MCM, be sure to remove the power using the MCM system, as you won't need it and it can conflict with the MCM system configuration.

The MCM is going to allow you to change a number of options, such as toggling The Chicken's combat.

The following people have earned The Chicken's approval for either helping out with the mod in some way or by doing some other kind deed. This does not mean that The Chicken likes these people, however it does mean The Chicken is less likely to kill them in their sleep and take all of their gems.

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