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changes your characters voice to female Japanese voice.
(female human only)
This voice is shared with the NPCs.
This is a unique voice. The voice is recorded by a Japanese woman.
For more details, please watch the video*

Permissions and credits
Coming soon→Type1B(小豆戒斗 http://whisper00devil.web.fc2.com/)
These files change everything spoken by your character into that of a Japanese voice actress, depending on which set you choose.
This only works with female human characters (Nords, Imperials, Redguard, Breton). Some female NPCs may also use the new voice set you choose.
All the voice sets are unique; I personally asked Japanese voice actresses to record their voices for this purpose.
To get a better image of how each voice set sounds and what the changes look like, please take a look at the videos.

These files extend the lines spoken by your character and are meant to be used with Additional Player Voices.
They can be used alongside one of the main file. Again, female human characters only.
Just like the main voice sets, these are personally recorded by Japanese voice actresses by request.
There are 3 sets you can choose from.


ナナハネさんの作成したAdditional Player Voices for Skyrimが必須となります。
REQUIRED:Additional Player Voices for Skyrim by nanahane
http://seven-wings.blogspot.jp Author: nanahane

These files change only dragon shout voices, such as Fus Ro Dah!, Raan Mir Tah! and more. They arent' spoken in Japanese.

Manually copy & paste the Data folder to your Skyrim folder.
It's generally in C:Program Files (x86)Steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/data
Just delete any files from this mod.
Type1A Voice actress:めひこだぉ
Type2A Voice actress:エリス(Ealyse)
Type2B Voice actress:めひこだぉ
Type2C Voice actress:こずみっく(http://ameblo.jp/kozu-mic/)
Type3A Voice actress:めひこだぉ
2014/03/02__Ver 0.11 add Type3A_Personality_Churlishness_Dragonshout(Miscellaneous)
2014/03/05__Adjustment of description
2014/03/06__Ver 0.12 add Type2B_Personality_Graceful(Main files & Optional files)
2014/03/06__Ver 0.13 Type2B_Personality_Graceful(Optional files)I had the wrong file. Fixed.
2014/03/06__I modified the instructions of Type2B_Personality_Graceful(Main files)
2014/03/06__Ver 0.14 add Type2B_Personality_Graceful_Dragonshout(Miscellaneous)
2014/04/27__Add Information
2014/07/13__Ver 0.15 add Type2C_Personality_Graceful(Main files & Optional files)