Beam Spells Vanilla Dragonborn Dawguard by JosephB1234
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Last updated at 17:12, 29 Jun 2015 Uploaded at 22:54, 20 Feb 2014

Vanilla on Steam:

Dragonborn on Steam:

Dawnguard on Steam:

Dawnguard/Dragonborn on Steam:

All BEAMS Spells! (For now)

Heat Ray
Combustion Ray (Fire)
Ice Ray
Glacial Ray (Frost)
Plasma Ray
Ionic Ray (Shock)
Light Beam (Magelight)
Cure Beam (Heal)
Numb Beam (Paralysis)
Calm Beam (Calm)
Fear Beam (Fear)
Rage Beam (Frenzy)
Daring Beam (Courage)
Toxic Ray
Venom Ray (Poison, requires Dragonborn)
Sun Ray
Solar Ray (Sun, requires Dawnguard)

What does 'Beam Spells Vanilla Dragonborn Dawnguard' do?

'Beam Spells Vanilla Dragonborn Dawguard' adds multiple spells in the form of beams. No OP beams or 'not lore-friendly' beams, just normal fire beams, frost beams, light beams etc. It tries to force beam spells to become a norm by making it sellable, balanced and randomly found in loot.

Are any mods incompatible with this?

This mod does edit two spells, Calm and Fear, and turns them into beams, so this is compatible with ALL mods except for those which edit Calm's and Fear's projectile.

How to Install

For Nexus Mod Manager users:
Simply click the green button below the file, then, when it has finished downloading, activate the esp. and voila!

For Manual Users:
Click the button beside the green one under the file and open it, then manually drag the file(s) into the Skyrim Data and activate it at 'data files' on the non-SKSE Skyrim Menu.

Future Plans:

Version 1:
-Adds Heat Ray (fire beam)
-Adds Ice Ray (frost beam)
-Adds Plasma Ray (shock beam)
-Adds Light Beam (magelight beam)
-Adds Cure Beam (heal beam)

Version 2:
-Adds Numb Beam (paralysis beam) / fan request
-Increased Magicka and Damage for fire, frost and shock beams, in order to balance. / fan request

Version 2 V/DG/DB:
-Adds a new file containing normal beams and a new Poison beam / fan request
-Further balances all damage-inflicting beams

Version 3 V/DG/DB
-Adds a new file containing normal beams and a new Sun beam / fan request
-FINALLY adds EXPERT beam spells for most beams / fan request

Version 4 V/DG/DB
-I have finally re-colored all the beam spells to match it's spell effect!
-Fixes Glacial ray and Ionic ray's damage!

Version 4.1 V/DG/DB
-I have finally found the problem with Sun ray! Now Sun ray deals damage to the undead only. Yay!
-I have replaced the books in the Mzulft Oculory back to Flames and Frostbites due to my beam spells not working on the crystal. Thank you dallesse for testing it!