Teleport between houses or mod houses-also Mark and recall locations by Cotoli
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Teleport network between player homes-also custom homes-

Two versions available, Vanilla and DLC(DLC version requires all DLC´s)
Everything is driven by menus for easy usage, maybe it seems complicated in this description, but i just want to cover everything. In fact its very easy, once in-game.
DLC VERSION(requires dawnguard, hearthfires and dragonborn):
Teleport from anywhere to any house, custom location, or between them. Even custom homes!!
The teleport menu prompt the player with a menu and makes him/her travel to the selected custom location or house (between all vanilla, hearthfires houses, dragonborn houses, and custom locations).
This is mod adds:
-A set of orbs in the player homes/locations (teleport station)
-A set of books that also act as teleport station (3 of them wich can be used from a library or a desk, if you want to place them somewhere in your house or wherever you like)
-A spell to place another teleport station wherever you want (lever) with its own automatic marker to return to it later, through the books or the orbs.
-Two custom markers to quickly place them wherever you want (dwemer cogs). Just drop them and they will stay in that exact spot until you take tham again.
-NEW!! Four invisible location markers without the need for cogs. Just old plain mark and recall. Cogs are used separately, also as markers.
-An in-game manual
Followers will always travel with you
-Cancel button to every single menu
Where the stuff is:
-The orb is cleary visible, near the front doors of the default player homes. The books, the spell, and the custom markers are in the Farengars study, near the table, in Dragonsreach, Whiterun. There are 2 types of markers, the cogs and the classic mark-recall ones. Just drop the cog and you have a marker. The mark ones are place throught the teleport book. 

VANILLA VERSION(no requirements):
This is mod adds:
A set of orbs in the vanilla player homes.
Only teleport network between vanilla homes.

If you already placed the lever -> You need a clean save
if you have not placed the lever yet -> drop all the cogs, books and spell tomes from the mod. Pick them again. Save. Continue playing.
Anyways, its propably better to make a clean save, just in case.

Regarding the spell:
-To place the lever via spell READ THE IN-GAME MANUAL first!! You need to follow a few steps so READ IT.
-If by any means you cant cast the spell make sure you the have novice alteration perk and 5 skill minimum.

-The lever and the orbs will not allow to mark that place, as it is already marked by the mod. You need to do so using the Teleport Books.
-For pre-defined marks (vanilla player homes and special locations like Arch-Mage Quarters), you need to own the destination in order to be able to teleport you there(except for custom markers like marks or cogs). In hearthfires, you also need to build the shrine in the basement.
-Once dropped in the ground, the two dwemer markers(cogs) will become fixed after you leave that place. They will not move until you remove them again.
-The menu from the books triggers when you CLOSE the book so you can put them in the library or a chest and use them from there, in your custom house.
-Mod items have a very high value to prevent being sold accidentally.
-If you teleport to a Mark location without marking it before, you will appear in an empty room. In that case, DONT PLACE ANYTHING THERE AND DONT DO ANYTHING. Just use the book to teleport you out of there, or type "coc Whiterundragonsreach" to go to Dragonsreach and exit that room.
-Vanilla version available (no custom nor extra locations).
-The DLC dependant file requires Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn. The vanilla file, requires nothing.

-If using Requiem, Sperg or similar mods, place them AFTER my mod.
Compatible with everything, except:
-mods that add something to the same place in the houses, obviously.
-mods that alter the shrine ID in hearthfires basement houses, or the keys of vanilla homes.

MurderWrath for his VERY useful help. This was my first scripting adventure and would have never been possible without his help.

To-do list:
-Add chest to farengar
-place xmarker in lever spawn -Done
-Polish a bit the lever summon method.
-Add a few more locations like thieves guild, dark brotherhood, etc
-Add cancel button to menus-DONE
-In-game manual- DONE
-make followers travel with you always-DONE
-Vanilla only version- DONE
-Enable all player homes- DONE
-Add custom teleport station to place anywhere-DONE-Thanks to MurderWrath for the help!
-check house ownership by the player-DONE-Thanks to MurderWrath for the help!
-Check hearthfire built house as requirement(shrine as a requirement)-DONE-Thanks to MurderWrath for the help!

For now, its completed and fully working. I will work on adding some new features, though.