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Unlocks perks when you have reached the appropriate skill level and provides unlimited perk points to unlock mod-added perks, as well as an MCM for customization.

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1: Requirements
2: Installation
3: Uninstallation
4: Description
5: Compatibility
6: Bugs

1: Requirements
SkyUI - Must be installed. The MCM is necessary to initialize the mod.

2: Installation
To install the mod, simply install and activate. To start the mod, you'll need to activate it in the MCM. Try not to level up any skills while it is initializing. It won't matter, but it's better to be on the safe side. After it has finished, you will see a message box informing you "APU is ready."

2.1 Upgrading
I do not know if ugrading from version 1.2 to 1.3 is possible. When I tried it, it didn't work. So, you may be better off only using this with a new game. Trying it is fine, just make a backup so you can downgrade again if it doesn't work. Doing a clean save may fix this:
  1. Save Game
  2. Uninstall mod
  3. Load and save gave again
  4. Install new version

3: Uninstallation
NOTE: Do NOT uninstall the mod before initializing it. The initialization process has a looping section of code which cannot be easily avoided. Once the mod is initialized, there are no loops or constant updates, so uninstalling is safe.

To uninstall the mod, just disable it while the scripts aren't running. There are no constantly updating scripts (once it has initialized), so it shouldn't cause any errors as long as the scripts aren't half-way through running. Basically, that means that if you've just leveled up a skill, you should wait 30 seconds before saving and quitting (if you haven't just leveled a skill, then just save, quit, and disable).

4: Description
This mod will only work with the vanilla perk. You will also receive unlimited perk points which you may use to unlock any perks added by mods (can be disabled).

The included MCM menu allows you to disable any particular perk trees. Do this if a tree has been modified by another mod. The other trees will still work fine. The unlimited perk points will allow you to unlock any perks even if they're added by mods, but this cannot be done automatically. To remove perk points, set the option to 0. To make them accumulate like normal, set it to -1.

5: Compatibility
Currently, this mod does not directly support any mods. However, any mods which do not remove or alter existing perks should work fine. In the future, if I'm motivated enough, I may re-attempt the ability to support many mods.

6: Bugs
No known bugs.