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Vampire follower and potential spouse visually based on Serana, essential, auto levelling (10-100), proficient in 1h, light armor, destruction (shock and frost) and conjuration (necromancy and Dawnguard summons), restoration and alteration for backup.
New version 1.02-New outfit,custom summoning spells and few tweaks (read description).

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Since I couldnt marry Serana and Marriable Serana mod is not working for me (CTD) I decided to make my own vampire follower and spouse visually based on Serana, she has her face with minor tweaks and different hairstyle. Uses Female Sultry voice for compatibility with marriage and adoption lines.

Essential, auto levelling (10-100), has many perks including light foot so she does not set off traps, and uses combat style similar to Serana, attacking with shock and frost spells, raising the dead, and using vampiric drain. Has all weaknesses and resistances that vampires have. Perked for all 1h weapons and light armor. Can be married and she is found at Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun where she will return if dismissed.

Update 1.02-New outfit (robe is actually light armor), stronger default sword, three custom conjuration spells (Conjure Skeleton, Skeleton Mage, Skeleton Lord), and few tweaks like removing alteration that was a bit reduntant.
If you dont like the new outfit you can remove it using UFO (You know-You could dress better).
Her eyes didnt change, eyes in screenshots are different because I messed up my vampire eye textures :) You should have the eyes from version 1.0 and 1.01 with no problems. Upload your screenshots if you want.

Update 1.01-Small fix to appear correctly on Detect Life and Detect Dead spells.


Skyrim 1.9


Unpack the archive to Skyrim/Data.


Delete Morinth.esp and other associated files.