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Warmonger Armory items will now respect Ccomplete Crafting Overhaul Remade toggles. Also tweaks for Guard Dialogue Overhaul compatibility.

Permissions and credits

All Warmonger Armory items will now respect the following Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade toggles:

  • Mod items
  • Clothing + hood, gloves, boots, robe (as appropriate)
  • Light and Heavy Armor + helmet, gloves, boots, cuirass (as appropriate)
  • Dawnguard (as appropriate)
  • Dragonborn (as appropriate)
  • Greatsword/Sword/Dagger (as appropriate)

Dragon Priest Mask Belts (and recipes to covert them back to masks) have been moved to the tanning rack and respect the following toggles:

  • Mod items
  • Misc accessories
  • Clothing
  • Declutter Menu (must have the mask to see the recipe if this option is enabled)
  • Dragonborn (as appropriate)

*** I did not include the "daedric crafting only at night" option on these because all you're doing is adding a leather strap to them and it didn't make sense to me.

Added breakdown recipes
Added keywords to a couple of armors so Guard Dialogue Overhaul will recognize them

Optional: Replacer for the Morrowloot Ultimate Simplified Warmonger Armory patch to add all appropriate CCOR toggles to it

Install the original Warmonger Armory file(s) and replace the .esp(s) with mine. 

If you're using the Morrowloot Ultimate Simplified patch, same deal -- just replace the Warmonger Armory patch on that page with mine. You still need the main MUS file, this replaces the Warmonger Armory patch ONLY.