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A mod that reintroduces the ability to craft Iron Daggers and Leather Bracers as a viable means of leveling your Smithing skill at a reasonable rate.

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Remember before Skyrim 1.5 when you could craft Iron Daggers and Leather Bracers to level up your Smithing skill? Do you hate the fact that Skyrim now uses item value to determine how much your Smithing skill is leveled when crafting an item as much as I do? Probably not. I originally created this mod for personal use and had no intention of uploading it to the Nexus. But if there's one other person who misses the ability to craft Iron Daggers and Leather Bracers to increase your Smithing skill like I do, then I figured I might as well put it up.

[SIZE=7]What does this mod do?[/SIZE]

This mod adds two item recipes to the game. "Practice Iron Daggers" and "Practice Leather Bracers". They require the exact same components to create as their vanilla counterparts, but their value is significantly higher to allow for faster skill gain. In order to keep the balance of the game's economy intact, I wrote a simple script that will automatically remove these "practice" versions and replace them with the vanilla Iron Dagger and Leather Bracers in the player's inventory when you craft them. It's that simple. The pace at which you level up using the items added by this mod is (hopefully) close to what it was before the 1.5 patch came along. That's it.

Should hopefully be compatible with almost anything, including vanilla Skyrim or any combination of the DLCs. Use the Nexus Mod Manager to install if you want, or drop the tiny .esp into your Skyrim/Data folder. Also add the contents of the mod's scripts folder into skyrim/data/scripts.

As I said, this was originally intended for personal use so I don't expect many downloads. But hey, if you try it out, I hope you enjoy it.

(The items in the screenshots were added by the Immersive Weapons mod and the Immersive Armors mod by Hothtrooper44. They're my favorite mods on the Nexus and I urge you to go and check both of them out out.)


- Contact me before using anything from this mod. I will probably say yes.

- If you contact me and I do not respond within 30 days, you have full permission to use this mod, in whole or in part, in any of your work. This includes compilations, conversions, and any derivative works.

- No parts of this mod can be monetized under any circumstances. If you are caught monetizing this work, your permission to use any content from any of my mods is permanently revoked.

- Credit me if you use something from this mod.

- If you use something from this mod, your permissions should be open so other people can use it the same way you did.

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