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About this mod

Extends the Archery skill tree by giving you new perks, including melee bows and dragonslayer arrows, and by adding new tiers to existing ones. Two options available.

Permissions and credits

Updatee (1.5): I think I've fixed the missing-mesh issue with Wizard Arrows. I made some other fixes as well. See below.

Marksmanship in Skyrim should be more versatile and awesome in general.
This is the full version of the mod; it adds to the Archery perk tree.
New perks are added, and some of the vanilla perks are modified.

New Perks
* Conjure 100 unique bound arrows for 120 seconds, and use any bow you like.
* The damage of the Wizard Arrows scales with all magic skills.
* Wizard Arrows are incredibly fast and light, and are hardly affected by gravity.
* During the spell, your hands are free until the effect ends or you equip other arrows.
** Requires skill level 30 and Overdraw.

* Deals extra damage with arrows against dragons.
** Rank 1 (skill level 40, Wizard Arrows): 20% extra damage against dragons.
** Rank 2 (skill level 60): 40% extra damage against dragons.
** Rank 3 (skill level 80): 60% extra damage against dragons.
** Rank 4 (skill level 100): 80% extra damage against dragons.

* Melee attacks with a bow deal extra damage (equal to 10% of your archery skill).
* The bash effectiveness is also enhanced if you have the Shield Bash perk.
** Requires Dragon Spotter and skill level 50.

Changed Perks (Full version only)
* Arrows will always pierce through 30% of armor and damage resistance.
* There is also a 15% to cause bleeding for a few seconds. The effect stacks with each successful hit.
** Requires skill level 100, and either Ranger or Power Shot.

* Based on a perk not featured in the game, this gives your arrows a 15% chance to disarm opponents.
** Requires skill level 80 and Power Shot.

* Requires Overdraw.
** Rank 2 (skill level 80): Bow draw speed increases by 60%.

* Requires Quick Shot.
** Rank 2 (skill level 90): Increases knockback force, and has a 75% hit chance.

* Requires Critical Shot
** Rank 2 (skill level 80): Recover ALL arrows from dead bodies.

* Not modified:
Critical Shot, Ranger, Eagle Eye, and Steady Hand.

Thanks for downloading, and please endorse the mod if you like it!

Requirements & Installation
No DLC required!
Install the latest version by using Nexus Mod Manager (recommended), or
Move VeryPerkyArchery.esp and VeryPerkyArchery.bsa to your Data directory.

You can't use the Full and Lite versions of this mod together.
Not compatible with SkyRe or overhauls that remove the Overdraw perk.
May conflict with mods that affect the Archery perk skill tree.

Version 1.5:
- Attempted fix for wizard arrows, and increased duration to 2 minutes.
- Renamed "Ronaan" as "Dragon Spotter" and repositioned perk graph.
Version 1.4:
- Reduced sound and visual effect of the Wizard Arrows spell.
- Combined Full and Mini versions into a single mod.
- Changed level requirements and magnitudes.
Version 1.31:
- Fixed bug, Wizard Arrows can no longer be dropped or picked up.
Version 1.3:
- Added Bow Bash ability.
- Changed meshes for wizard arrows.
Version 1.2:
- Changed Bullseye perk effects.
- Added Hunter's Discipline rank 2.
- Renamed mod.
- Added visual effects to Wizard Arrows spell.
Version 1.1:
- Reduced Trick Shot disarm chance from 25% to 15%.
- Added bsa file for Wizard Arrows model and spell art.
- Repositioned nodes on the constellation graph.
Version 1.0:
- Initial release.