About this mod

Adds additional plants and ingredients from lore
(65) New ingredients added so far, many new meshes, textures and effects.
Allows Dawnguard and Dragonborn ingredients to be planted and harvested, including Poison Bloom.
*Requires Hearthfire, Dawnguard, and Dragonborn*

Permissions and credits
This mod adds a variety of new ingredients that are seen in previous Elder Scrolls games and lore. This currently has many new ingredients, most of which can be planted, the ability to plant previously unplantable ingredients from Skyrim and the DLC, and a Merchant to sell ingredients. I will be dropping many different ingredients here. Some of these have wild havestable models well as Hearthfire plantable models. Some use the same model for the wild and the planted model.

What's new in 0.6:
New ingredients: Wormwood, Meadow Rye, Ash Salts, Daedra Skin, Dreugh Wax, Ghoul Heart, Gravetar, Gravedust, Kwama Cuttle, Kwama Egg, Lich Dust, Resin, Scamp Skin, Scrib Jelly, Shalk Resin, and Sload Soap
New Foods: Parsnips, Scrib Cabbage, Ash Yam Soup, Comberry Crostata, Rye Bread, Sack of Rye Flour, Chicken Stew, Vegetable Stew, Hopper Stew
New Vanilla and DLC plantables: Chicken Egg, Pine Thrush Egg, Rock Warbler Egg, Hawk Egg, Spider Egg, Chaurus Egg, Bee, Blue Butterfly Wing, Butterfly Wing, Luna Moth Wing, and Ancestor Moth Wing.
Spells and Spelltomes: Haste, Quicken, Shroudwalk, Chameleon, Shadow, Cloak, Night-Eye, and Waterwalking.
Recipes for vanilla and DLC items: Baked Potatoes, Grilled Leeks, Butter, Bonemeal (from Skulls or Troll Skulls), and Powdered Mammoth Tusk.
Vendor: The Traveling Alchemist has a nicer demeanor now that he has gotten his camp set up and has settled down a little bit. He also has a horse named Argentum.
Speadsheet of all added ingredients, new foods, and recipes.

Traveling Alchemist - Located near the Cyrodiil gate south of Falkreath
He now has a nice little camp set up.
-Sell ingredients from all over Tamriel(some are tiered as common, uncommon, rare, and very rare, so you may not see some very often)
-Sells standard apothecary items like potions, recipes, and random food items.
Hi! Ho! Argentum Away!

(65) New Included Ingredients:

Redwort Flower - BYOH - Wild
Ginkgo Leaves
Ironwood Nut
Black Ironwood Nut
Black Poppy - BYOH - Wild
Golden Poppy - BYOH - Wild
Red Poppy - BYOH - Wild
White Poppy - BYOH - Wild
Somnalius Frond - BYOH - Wild
Bungler's Bane -BYOH - Wild
Hypha Facia - BYOH - Wild
Cinnabar Polypore Red - BYOH - Wild
Cinnabar Polypore Yellow - BYOH - Wild
Dryad's Saddle Polypore - BYOH - Wild
Tinder Polypore - BYOH - Wild
Blister Pod - BYOH - Wild
Cairn Bolete - BYOH - Wild
Clouded Funnel - BYOH - Wild
Emetic Russula - BYOH - Wild
Luminous Russula - BYOH - Wild
Steel-Blue Entoloma - BYOH - Wild
Summer Bolete - BYOH - Wild
Violet Coprinus - BYOH - Wild
Black Lichen - BYOH - Wild
Green Lichen - BYOH - Wild
Red Lichen - BYOH - Wild
Bloat Spore - BYOH - Wild
Muck Sponge - BYOH - Wild
Bog Beacon - BYOH - Wild
Stinkhorn - BYOH - Wild
Wisp Stalk - BYOH - Wild
Elf Cup - BYOH - Wild
Green Stain - BYOH - Wild
Green Mountain Berries - BYOH - Wild
Red Mountain Berries - BYOH - Wild
Yellow Mountan Berries - BYOH - Wild
Aloe Vera - BYOH - Wild
Clover - BYOH - Wild
Comberry - BYOH - Wild
Earth Moss - BYOH - Wild
Fire Petal - BYOH - Wild
Glacier Moss - BYOH - Wild
Heather - BYOH - Wild
Ice Grapes - BYOH - Wild
Kreshweed - BYOH - Wild
Milk Thistle Pod - BYOH - Wild
Rice - BYOH
Stoneflower - BYOH - Wild
Wolfsbane - BYOH - Wild
Wormwood - BYOH - wild
Meadow Rye
Ash Salts
Daedra Skin - found randomly on some daedra (dremora, lurkers, seekers 25% chance)
Kwama Egg - BYOH - wild
Sload Soap
Shalk Resin
Scrib Jelly
Scamp Skin
Resin - Can be boiled down from resin like ingredients at cook pot (Ash Hopper Jelly, Scrib Jelly, Dreugh Wax, Kwama Cuttle, Shalk Resin)
Lich Dust
Kwama Cuttle
Ghoul Heart
Dreugh Wax

I attempted to give the ingredients effects as close as possible to previous games, but not all effects translate from what was in previous games, so some effects are assigned by me.

New Food:
Parsnips - raw food - BYOH - Wild
Scrib Cabbage - raw food - BYOH - Wild
Ash Yam Soup - Cook Pot
Comberry Crostata - Oven
Rye Bread - Oven
Sack of Rye Flour - Grain Mill
Chicken Stew - Cook Pot
Vegetable Stew - Cook Pot
Hopper Stew - Cook Pot

Raw food can be purchased from the Traveling Alchemist, all other new food has a recipe and needs to be made by the player.

The following previously unplantable items can now be grown in gardens as well:
Crimson Nirnroot
Jarrin Root
Hanging Moss
Soul Husk
Poison Bloom
Yellow Mountain Flower
Ash Yam
Ash Creep Cluster
Ashen Grass Pod
Trama Root
Emperor Parasol Moss

Chicken Egg
Pine Thrush Egg
Rock Warbler Egg
Spider Egg
Chaurus Egg
Blue Butterfly Wing
Monarch Wing
Luna Moth Wing
Hawk Egg
Ancestor Moth Wing
-The Nests for the Butterflies and Bees should act like spawners as well, although I have had a hard time verifying this. They also spawn the insect parts similar to how wild beehives work

*Nirnroot, Crimson Nirnroot, Jarrin Root, Poison Bloom, Chicken Nest, Pine Thrush Nest, Rock Warbler Nest and Hawk Nest only give ONE ingredient per harvest, meaning you can get one from a plant once every three days. This is intended to help maintain balance and immersion as most of these models only have one visible harvestable ingredient on the model.*
-BYOH indicates that this item is plantable in Hearthfire gardens
-Wild indicates that a model has been added for a wild harvestable plant. (ONLY AS LISTED BELOW HAVE ANY BEEN PLACED ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD)

Alchemy Effects:
Blind - Causes enemy to have difficulty detecting by sight (like the falmer)
Chameleon - partial to full invisibility with the ability to interact with things
Fortify Damage - Increases any your damage
Fortify Speed - Increases the speed you move
Light - Casts a light over you
Muffle - Silences your movement
Night-Eye - Enhances ability to see in low light conditions
Reflect Damage - Decreases the damage you receive and reflects it to the cause
Resist Damage - Increases your ability to resist damage
Resist Disease - Decreases your chance of being infected by disease
*Waterwalking* -Added by Dragonborn DLC, used as an ingredient effect here

*Chameleon has been fixed. The effect consistently causes the player to be more transparent and harder to detect. This only uses the set alpha script (as a trigger) and does not require any save bloating scripts or perk requirements or other spells to use. Works just like any other alchemy effect that has variable magnitude and duration. There is still a small graphical glitch where small faces of the mesh are shaded different from the rest of the body. Looks like moving boxes. That is an interference from the scripted alpha shader and the invisibility alpha shader, but the invisibility alpha shader doesn't like to fire consistently without the scripted alpha shader acting as a trigger on/off.

Not all these effects are used and some are not used more than once, yet. More ingredients are coming and will eventually all have at least two ingredients so that potions could be made with each. These effects could also be used on custom potions if you choose to do so.

New Spells/Spelltomes:
Haste - Fortify Speed 150% for 90 seconds - Restoration - Apprentice
Quicken - Fortify Speed 200% for 90 seconds - Restoration - Adept
Shroudwalk - Chameleon 15% for 30 seconds - Illusion - Apprentice
Chameleon - Chameleon 25% for 30 seconds - Illusion - Adept
Shadow - Chameleon 50% for 30 seconds - Illusion - Expert
Cloak - Chameleon 85% for 30 seconds - Illusion - Master
Night-Eye - Night-Eye for 30 seconds - Alteration - Adept
Waterwalking - Waterwalking for 60 seconds - Alteration - Adept

Spelltomes can be found and purchased randomly at the Traveling Alchemist's camp.

Wild Placed Plants:
Wolfsbane - Near Hvitkald Peak, Solstheim
Wormwood - Two found in the Jerral Mountains between Bloodlet Throne and Southfringe Sanctum (you need to look hard)

New Recipes:
The items are vanilla or DLC but were unable to made by the player.
Baked Potatoes - Cook Pot
Grilled Leeks - Cook Pot
Butter - Cook Pot
Bonemeal from Skulls or Troll Skulls
Powdered Mammoth Tusks from Mammoth Tusks

Future Plans:
Next on list: Motherwort, Corn, Pumpkins, Arrowroot, Saltrice, Wickwheat, Ampoule Pod, and Coda Flower.
More new ingredients to grow and to be purchased from vendors.
Ability to plant more of the vanilla food plants
More new food items to plant
Ability to "plant" other ingredients to cultivate things like bugs and eggs.
Add more plants to the wild. They will be rare and most likely near borders.
More NPCs to sell the new ingredients or add them to existing NPCs wares.
Planters around the world.

If there are any requests for any alchemy ingredients or food items let me know and I will see what I can do.

Bethesda for Skyrim!
Bethesda for lore on other ingredients and effects!
All the free texture resources including CGTextures.com

As a modder's resource, anyone may use the meshes, textures, and data from the .esp as they wish. I only ask to be credited if you feel my content has been useful. Thank you.