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This mod aims to redesign the Kyne's Peace shout into a more usable alternative without being too detracting from the lore of Skyrim. The shout is now an area healing shout for you and allies.
Feedback welcome and much appreciated.

Permissions and credits
Special Edition:
Many thanks to Hyacathusarullistad for picking up this idea and creating a Special Edition Versionof this mod. I myself will be using this version and look forward to its ongoing development.


This mod aims to redesign the Kyne's Peace shout into something that would get used more often.

Since the shout makes no reference to animals, I decided that a healing shout would be suitable (Peace and trust, Kynareth's priests heal wounded soldiers etc.)

The shout now works in a manner similar to the spell Grand Healing, healing both the player and any allies in the surrounding area. The amount of heal and size of area increases with each word.

The words are as follows

Kaan (Kyne)
Heals you and any allies within 25ft by 75 points.
Recharge: 40s

Drem (Peace)
Heals you and any allies within 50ft by 150 points. Also cures poison on you.
Recharge: 65s

Ov (Trust)
Heals you and any allies within 75ft by 225 points. Also cures both poison and disease on you.
Recharge: 90s

Optional Version:
Shout restores Stamina if you have the Respite perk from the restoration tree. Will not be compatible with mods that change this perks reference name.

Old Version:
Recharge times are 15s, 25s and 35s in that order.

I am open to suggestions on the power, range and recharge timers so please let me know what you think.

Also available on the Steam Workshop: