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Adds a new lesser power that causes your character to ragdoll.

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Unleash your Inner Klutz!

Clumsykiin adds a spell tome named "The Dexterous and You."
Once consumed, the tome grants you the lesser power "Clumsiness."
Whenever you use this power, your character will ragdoll, and hilarity will generally ensue.

What good is this mod for?
With this mod you can:

-Roleplay a drunk gal/guy!
-Throw yourself down mountains!
-Descend from the second floor in style*!
-Surrender in an amusing fashion!
-Embarass your companions!
-Aggravate everyone around you!

The tome can currently be found in three locations:
`On top of a barrel behind Jorrvaskr.
`On the counter in Arcadia's Cauldron.
`In the Court Wizard's quarters in Mistviel Keep.

Known Issues:
-The tome in Arcadia's Cauldron is marked as owned by her for some reason, presumably because it's in her shop.
However, if you don't have a bad history with her, she'll leave you alone if you use the tome before she walks over to you.
-You'll probably be more aware of how bad the "get up" animation is.

Recommended Mod to pair with this one:
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