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You can choose to save only near fires or campfires and forges or beds.
You can choose to not die but to receive instead various malus.

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[size=12]What is this mod about?[/size]

The main feature of this mod is to limit the save options allowing to save only near fires (campfires,
forges, fireplaces etc) and near beds and bedrolls.
You will not be able to save or quicksave during fights.

This mod introduces new features:
everytime you die, instead of loading your last save you go back to the last checkpoint.
All your progression until your death is saved but you will lose something depending on who killed you.
I you get killed nearby a Guard, you go to jail,
if you get killed nearby a Bandit, you get robbed,
if you get killed nearby an animal you get various diseases and for any other death you drop your money to the ground(you can return to the place you died and try to obtain what you lost if you are lucky to find it).

To help players that want more challenges but not too extreme, I added an hotkey that brings the player back to the last checkpoint(if you need desperately to save at the cost of 25 gold) and i've made everything configurable in the MCM menu:

Nothing worth to mention.
I just want to point out that I tested this mod with a new game.

It is important that you set at least one checkpoint otherwise if you die you will respawn under Riften.
If you get stuck after you die inside some cell (it happened only once to me) you can use the F4 feature.

[size=12]Load Order[/size]
[size=8]Are you a Dark Soul fan?[/size]
If the answer is yes, then you should check this mod:

Dark Souls Bonfires

With my mod installed you will be able to save nearby bonfires.

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Thank you