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This mod makes changes to Serana's combat abilities in an effort to make her more effective in battle & make her more worthy of the title "Daughter of Coldharbour" No more weak Ice Spike or useless Necromancy spells that are useless against higher level opponents.

Permissions and credits
Queen of the Damned
Deadlier Serana v1.4
xunderxdosedx & theblackfist

Queen of the Damned for Skyrim SE has been released!

The following Serana appearance mods have compatibility patches available for download under Optional Files:

1. Serana of Volkihar
2. Serana Dark Night Princess
3. Overknee Serana
4. The New Serana (by Beans)
5. Tiny Serana
6. Seranaholic
7. Superb Serana
8. Seductress Serana
9. Skyrim Beautiful Followers
10. BVFE - Serana
11. Serana Overhaul
13. BTRH Waifu
14. RaisonBlack JinBe
15. Serana and Claire

--Remember to use one of the above patches if you use an
appearance changer mod--

Serana is my favorite follower, bar none. Not just because of her unique personality and her contribution to the Dawnguard storyline, but also because of her somewhat unique combat style.
That said, having her for a follower at higher levels/difficulty settings or with difficulty-enhancing mods can be a chore.
One problem, she's an ice mage, just about everything in Skyrim is resistant to ice, and her spells are kind of wimpy late in the game even when something isn't resistant to them. Her Chain Lightning spell can get you in some hairy friendly fire situations as well.
She doesn't really wield the power a Daughter of Coldharbour should, and you certainly can't tell she's the child of one of the most powerful vampires in Skyrim.

Even mods that allow her to transform into a Vampire Lord such as Serana's Secret and Amazing Follower Tweaks don't help much, as she keeps using her default spells even in her new form.
I sought to correct this in a lore-friendly and somewhat balanced way. I've given Serana new spells [inspired by those of the Vampire Lord], abilities, perks, and a new weapon all aimed at making her more formidable and all-around useful to have with you on your journey.
I've left her appearance, combat style, etc alone so as to make this mod as compatible as possible with the dozens of mods already on the Nexus aimed at changing her appearance.

This was originally for personal use, but I thought it would be a shame not to upload it since most Serana overhauls focus on her appearance rather than her combat abilities. She should now be like a sneaky/magic-using alternative to the housecarls
Please remember to endorse the mod if you like it. Constructive criticism and feedback are always appreciated.

- This mod does not alter Serana's FaceGen data (except for the patches), her combat style, class, dialogue, race (except for the patches), or anything like that. This was because I wanted it to be as compatible as humanly possible with the various mods out there which do change these things. All that was altered was her inventory, stats, and her spells/perks list.
- That said, it might not be compatible with other mods that make facial changes to Serana and discretion needs to be used. Others have had conflicts with this, and it seems the only way to fix it is to manually "patch" it with all of the popular Serana mods individually.
- Using mods to teach her new spells might interfere with this. If you have already done so in AFT, use the command to clear all of the spells you've taught her. The new spells/perks from this mod might not display when checked with AFT, but they're there. After that, you can safely use AFT to teach her another spell or two as long as you don't overdo it and teach her so many she doesn't use the ones added by this mod.
- tes5edit might prove useful as well. You can use it to combine ESP's with conflicting mods and generate your own impromptu "patch", but results may vary so do so at your own discretion.
- theblackfist has uploaded several patches for appearance compatibility. I'd like to personally thank him for doing this on behalf of myself and the modding community. If you find that a mod is totally incompatible, let one of us know and we'll try to address the problem [to a reasonable extent of course].

Load Order:

See the screenshots tab, but this mod should be loaded below any Serana appearance changer mod. It should also be loaded below any other Serana enhancement mods.

Like this...

The following is a general guide on how to properly sort one's load order in an effort to minimize CTDs/freezes/IFLS (Infinite Loading Screen):

#01: Your ESM Files;
#02: Bug-Fix type Mods;
#03: Game Structure and/or UI Mods:
#04: Character Appearance Mods (For NPCs and Self);
#05: Mods that Add and/or Change Locations; *
#06: Mods that Add and/or Change Items;
#07: Mods that Add NPCs;
#08: Texture Mods;
#09: Environmental Mods (things like Climates of Tamriel, Sounds of Skyrim, etc.);
#10: Mods with Gameplay Changes; Then,
#11: Reproccers, AV, and Bashed Patches.

The Specifics:

- Vampire Lord style missile spell which does 150 points of damage. Unlike the VL version it doesn't have any Absorb properties, it's simply a more powerful alternative to Serana's favored Ice Spike spell. It does non-elemental damage so as to ignore resistances as much as possible. She also now has the necessary perks to dual-cast this spell.
- Vampire Lord style Paralyze spell, which paralyzes targets for 7 seconds. Serana needed some sort of crowd control type of move, and for lack of a better idea I decided to give her her own version of Corpse Curse so she could selectively immobilize enemies.
- Castable Bat Cloak spell, absorbs 10 points of health per second from enemies within range. Should work against anything but Centurions. Serana needed a little bonus to melee defense and a balanced way to heal herself in combat, this should provide both.
- Conjure Gargoyle for 60 seconds. Unlike the regular Gargoyle summoned by Vampire Lords, this Gargoyle is based on the Gargoyle Sentinel, has a unique skin which was in the CK but wasn't used for anything, has a slightly improved AI, and levels up with the player from 10 to 50. This spell replaces Serana's default Raise Zombie-type spells so she's not leaving ash piles everywhere, and because the Gargoyle is more useful than most of the corpses she resurrects anyway.
- Her weapon strikes now deal 25 points of poison damage, and her power attacks with a weapon can knock enemies away, much like the knockback effect Werewolves and Werebears have. I wanted to emulate the Vampire Lord's Poison Talons perk, and to illustrate the physical strength a 4,000 year old vampire would possess. It's also worth noting that she only uses her weapon very rarely, so I thought I should make it count more.
- Small resistance to magic and physical damage [10%], and a near-total elimination of fall damage [90%].
- New sword replacing her default Elven Dagger. The sword is named Coldharbour's Daughter. It does equivalent damage to that of a Dragonbone Sword, can be enchanted with whatever you think is appropriate, and can be tempered at a grindstone with a Steel Ingot. It's nothing fancy, I just re-used the model from Harkon's Sword.
- Her default Drain Health spell has been slightly buffed, and the magical effects behind it have been altered to work on anything but Centurions. This spell is pretty much Serana's main weapon and defensive option, so I thought I should tweak it a little.
- NEW IN 1.3: Become Bats Swarm. This spell will allow Serana to evade her opponents, if she feels threatened, for a few seconds by turning into a swarm of bats and getting a temporary increase in her movement speed. This is basically the "become ethereal" shout but in spell form and a different look.
- NEW IN 1.4: When her health is low, there is a high chance to trigger an effect which will heal Serana for 100 points. It will also shroud her in mist which renders her temporarily ethereal and invisible until she attacks, as well as allowing her to telekinetically repel nearby attackers. This is supposed to be like a combination of Mist Form and some kind of telekinesis, and it lasts ten seconds. Additionally there is a very high chance for her to auto-cast Mass Paralysis when her health is sufficiently low. With this ability, she should now be able to hang in high-level fights a little bit better.

- Black eye bug caused by invisibility, but this is easily corrected by saving and reloading. If you have AFT, teleporting her to your location also seems to fix it. I also highly recommend a bugfix mod for this issue, such as the following:
- Please report any bugs you find so I might be able to fix them.


Q: Serana still has a vanilla look to her after I download one of your patches.
A: Make sure to load UD_Serana.esp below/after any appearance changer mods.

Q: Serana will not level past 50.
A: So to fix the leveling thing:
   1. Open the console
   2. Click on Serana
   3. type this in: "setlevel 1000 0 1 100" (don't put in those quotation marks)
   4. press enter

Q: Serana does not use her sword in combat.
A: If using version 1.4 or higher, do the same console fix as above
    1. Open the console
    2. Click on Serana
    3. type in: setlevel 1000 0 1 100
    4. press enter

Q: Serana will use her summon gargoyle spell, but she still uses the raise zombie spell at times, why?
A: You have a mod conflict somewhere, or your save game is too bloated with scripts from mods you've uninstalled over time.
     Either start a new game, or load UD_Serana.esp closer to the bottom of your load order.

Future updates:
- I'd like to fix the invisibility eye glitch thing, but it's not a problem with my mod so much as Skyrim's default invisibility so it might not be possible to fix within the context of what this mod does. I recommended several bugfixes above which might resolve the problem.
- I might try to enlist someone's help to make a custom rapier/saber-style sword for her, but that's a big "maybe". I don't really consider it necessary, just a nice little aesthetic touch that I might think about doing later.
- I'll think of other changes to make with Serana's combat/attributes, but if there's anything else ppl would like to see in the mod, let me know and I'll see about making updates to the mod. Xunderxdosedx may be gone, but I'll do my best to keep the mod alive and well.

Recommended Mods/Utilities:
USLEEP (Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch)
LOOT (The new & improved/updated BOSS)
Wrye Bash (Ensures proper mod balance/compatibility via editing Skyrim's Leveled Lists & can check for ITMs/UDRs via the built-in Mod Checker)
ENBoost (Helps reduce the frequency of CTDs)
SKSE 1.7.3
Crash Fixes (Totally replaces Skyrim's Memory Block system with one that is managed by Windows itself & drastically reduces/eliminates CTDs/IFLS if configured properly)
Bug FIxes (Fixes the Lip Sync bug/other bugs not covered by USLEEP)
Load Game CTD Fix (SKSE plug-in that fixes CTD issues when loading saves from the Main Menu - Especially in cases where many mods are loaded/used)
Stability Performance Optimization ENB Configuration - A Comprehensive Guide (OUTSTANDING guide that helps users to properly configure their Skyrim installation for modding)
Revenge of the Enemies
DUEL: Combat Realism
Enhanced High Level Gameplay
Amazing Follower Tweaks
Followers Live Package
Marriable Serana
Recruitable Valerica - Wrath of a Mother

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