Kamille Shy Preset Savefile CME by choco2114
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Kamille is one of my successful followers that have received over 1000 endorsements and 80,000 downloads. I finally decided to upload Kamille's CME since it's new year :)

What is CME?
it's an extension file from Enhanced Character Edit, which stores the data of character's face as a preset. It's very simple to use, all you need to do is open up showracemenu on any savefile and use the CME preset.

Apachii Hair Female Version (optional)
Enhanced Character Edit
SG Female Eyebrow
SG Female Texture Renewal
ENSE - Eye color with New EyeLash
Female Facial Animation (optional)

The file doesn't go the Skyrim main Directory.
It goes to "My Document -> my games -> Skyrim ->CME_Save"