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Dragonborn player home in a tranquil spot behind Ivarstead.

The home contains all your crafting requirements but does not include materials, armor and spell books etc.

This home is compatible with the "Bless House" spell mod by TMPhoenix to allow you to move you wife and children to your lakeside setting.


Basement with smithing, alchemy, enchanting and armory areas plus a plinth containing mounts for the 9 dragon masks you can find in Skyrim.

Ground floor with kitchen/dining area containing fireplace with functional cooking spit, oven and butter churn. There is a bar area with a merchant NPC to allow you to sell your items (not stolen). Behind the bar is a bedroom containing bed for merchant NPC plus a spare. There are also shrines of the nine divines by the entrance.

Upstairs are the Dragonborn's bedroom and children's bedroom (four children can be adopted at the present time when using TMPhoenix's Bless House mod).

Outside you have a raised patio area with 7 plantable pots. There is a garden to the rear containing 29 plantable soil spots. You have a milkable cow (no indication when cow is approached but just click it and milk will be transferred to your kitchen cupboard). There are 3 chickens and two nests in the lean-to. There is a functioning grain mill (3 wheat required per sack of flour). 3 apiaries and a fish hatchery.

Required Files:

Heathfires DLC required
Dragonborn DLC required for version 1.02 and higher.
Skyrim Version required
Credit for General Stores by Harvey2112 which is required.

Recommended Mods:

Compatible with "Bless House" spell by TMPhoenix


Might conflict with Riverside Ranch.

Updates In Version 1.01:

1. Updated navmesh across bridge and through gates to allow followers.

2. Added two more child beds and chests to allow up to 4 adoptions when using TMPhoenix's Bless House mod.

Updates In Version 1.02:

This update is to add Dragonborn DLC items therefore ensure that you have the required DLC.

If updating please save before replacing the last version to allow you to restore the previous one if you run into problems.

Please use this version with a clean save i.e. move everything out of the house and store in a vanilla location then save.

Updates from V1.01

1. Added teleport from basement to skyrim hold capitals and 3 regions in Solsheim.

2. Added 4 more mannequins in basement.

3. Added Staff Enchanting table in basement.

To make the most of the staff enchanting table please download my Craftable Staffs mod which is designed to compliment this player home.

Updates in Version 1.03.

This version is much larger (11mb) due to the graphics files use to improve Dragonborn Estate.

Added bits and pieces from 4 mod resources I have downloaded which include:

1. Items such as globe, ship, rocking horse, doll house etc from Resources for modders by Runspect

2. Paintings on walls from Paintings and Frames by Artisanix

3. Open books on lecterns from OpenBooks Resource by Blary

4. Flowers from Spring Flowers for Skyrim 1 by elinen

Screenshots available for items added :)

Also hid teleport to Solsheim until the main Dragonborn Quest reaches stage 10 (Travel there by ship first). You will be able to teleport back to your home once you reach Raven Rock although the teleport stone in the basement may not be avaialable until you exit and re-enter the cell via the door.

Thanks to these modders for helping me improve Dragonborn Estate to look more like a home fit for a Dovahkiin :)

Possibly coming in V1.04 are amazing tiled floors in ground floor and basement areas. These are made by DarkFox127 and can be found at Marble Floors Modder Resource by Darkfox127

Here is a video showing the new floors :)

Changes in V1.05

Improved lighting in basement area.

More clutter in alchemy area provided by Modders Resource Pack by Oaristys and Tony67

Added alchemy pictures from Ingredients Wall Art Resource by Blary

Changes in V1.05a

Changed marbles floors to wood and stone to give users the option of two variants (V1.05 - Marble Floors. V1.05a - Wooden and Stone floors).

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