Spring Flowers for Skyrim 1 by elinen
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Added: 07/04/2012 - 12:52PM
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Last updated at 10:29, 27 Jul 2014 Uploaded at 12:52, 7 Apr 2012

Update 22 June 2014
The flowers in this resource pack has been included in Hoddminir Flowers togetter with the other grass type resources.

If you make something using this resource that you think looks really nice, please upload a picture :)

This is a modders resource that contains 41 spring flowers to add to your own mod. They are all present as animated grass, and there is an optional file with a version where the flowers also works as a static object. The grasses version has to be associated with a landscape texture to be placed in a worldspace, and the static object versions can be placed like normal flowers in the game. I want to especially thank Ztree for fixing the models for the static object flowers.

The resource is as nif and texture files and an esp (springflower.esp) that you can use directly in the Creation kit. In the springflower.esp you can find the new flowers in the Object Window, under WorldObjects/Grass

If you only wish to have static object flowers, you will also have to download the textures only file.

Pictures of the flowers can be found at the Hoddminir development blog (

You can find my other Plant resources here on nexus:
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Un-zip files
Copy springflower.esp to the Skyrim/Data folder
Copy textures dds files to the Skyrim/Data/Texture/landscape/grass folder
Copy nif files to the Skyrim/Data/Meshes/landscape/grass folder

Delete files

How to use this resource
With the Creation kit - add nifs manually
1. Open the CK, load your mod as active and Skyrim.esm. The grasses are found in the Object window under WorldObjects/Grass/Landscape/Grass.
2. Double click on the original grass (for example snowgrass01), this will open the grass window. In ID write the name of the flower and click the Art file Edit, choose the flowers nif file. Click OK, now the CK will ask you if you want to create a new object, press Yes.
For most of the flowers use the snowgrass01 original grass, the exceptions are Alpine snowbell, Coltfoot, Lily of the valley, Pasque flowers and the white Winter Aconite, these use the tundragrassobj03 original grass.


v1.0, 4/07/2012 - Initial release
Alpine snowbell
Bird's-eye Primrose
Lily of the valley
Marsh marigold
Pasque flower
Winter Aconite
Wood anemone
v1.5, 13/10/2012 - Added static variants to all flowers

If something is not working, please contact me.
You can find me on TESNexus and the official Elder Scrolls forums as 'Elinen'

Ztree fixed all models so they work as static objects
ChickenDownUnder for re-skin tutorial
Geggakloss for re-skin of nif files

You can do whatever you want with this mod but all I ask in return is that
you give me credit if you distribute any part of this mod.
If you want to use my textures for something else or change them that is OK.