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Want to hunt in a new world or maybe get chased by werewolf in order to unlock the house ? To be clear, my mod is not only a player house. It is a whole new world.

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[size=18]A Hero's Homeland [/size]
By Xgjengen[size=9][/size]


Hello, my name is Simon and i am 19 years old and from Norway. My mapmaking/modding career started when i played Warcraft III back for a few years ago. As i played Warcraft III i got more and more inspired on how people made this "custom" maps of theirs and so i opened the "Warcraft III world editor". It was from that day i started to do map making. I also did maps for "CSS" and "GO".

I have waited a really long time for the creation kit to be released and finaly i can start modding Skyrim ! This is my first skyrim mod ever and i hope i can make skyrim a better game for you

This mod is not only a house, it is a whole new world. In the future this mod will have quests and dungeons. So stay tuned !

-------------GETTING INSIDE THE BEDROOM-----------------

To get inside the bedroom you need a key. You can get the key by grabbing it from a chest in the frightening hall "Hall of the dead".

Read the books to find out the location of "Hall of the dead" (Not needed in V5)
Once you get down there be sure to be careful, there are unkillable werewolfes around !
Those werewolfes can be really scary. You might think they are gone, but then they are coming back for you !
There are 2 chests and only 1 chest contains the key, be sure to grab the key and get the HELL out of THERE !

-------------HOW TO GET TO THE ISLAND-----------------

Go into the main hall and there will be a ladder there. The island is big and is still under heavy development.

-------------REQUESTING MODDER-----------------

I am looking for a modder that can help me with the exterior world. Contact at [email protected] . I hope to get some mails soon !


1. Download the mod and place the .esp file into the skyrim/data folder
2. Apply the esp file when opening the launcher
3. Be sure that you have Update.esm and Dawnguard in your data folder

For every release i will keep you posted on what is new and what i am working on. If i have added a star * it means that i have added and prepared the new function for the next release

-------------V2 RELEASE-----------------

V2 is now released !

*Fixed some lights in A Hero's House
*Added a new world "HuntingIsland"
*Added a house in Huntingisland

-------------V3 RELEASE-----------------

V3 is now RELEASED !

*Mannequin added into main house
*Potion Rack
*Bigger island
*Removed beach
*Added bears
*Teleport Spell (book inside Hunter's Lodge)
*Navmesh fix in main house (npcs will walk more around)

-------------V4 RELEASE-----------------

V4 is now released !

*Big changes inside the main house, made it smaller and better looking
*Smaller bedroom, better lightning
*Smaller workshop, better lightning
*Fixed doors

A pretty improvement for the mod !!

-------------V5 RELEASE-----------------

V5 is now released !

*Smithing Merchant - 8AM to 8PM
*Ingredient & Potion Merchant - 8AM to 8PM
*Player Chest in the workshop
*New house outside
*Removed Workshop House
*Key is now needed for opening the bedroom

-------------V6 RELEASE-----------------

V6 is not yet released

*More houses on the island (merchants inside)
*Added waterfalls and fixed the terrain a little
*Added lake
*Added bridge
*Splitted island
*Road from Hunters Lodge to second island
Currently working on merchants.
Quests ?

Need more advise for future plans..