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A highly customization auto-save script.

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There are a lot of options available in the configuration menu, however, the default settings work very well. 
Rather than forcing saves at intervals or after certain events, this mod will save after a certain amount of important things have happened. How important something is determines the number of points assigned.

Safe locations are houses, inns, and shops where the player is not trespassing. 
While trespassing points are accumulated as if sneaking.
If the player is in sneak mode when combat starts, there will be no combat start save.
If the game is loaded while the player is in combat, it will be paused.

This mod requires SKSE and SkyUI.
It was created with Skyrim version, SKSE version 1.06.16 rel 44, and SkyUI version 4.1.7
Other versions may work but were not tested.

AutoSavePointSystem.bsa and AutoSavePointSystem.esp need to end up in your Data folder, use your imagination!

In the configuration menu, check the disable mod box
save the game
disable or remove AutoSavePointSystem.esp
do not remove AutoSavePointSystem.bsa, papyrus will complain if it cannot find the scripts

To the extent possible under law, Alexander Durand has waived all copyright and related or neighbouring rights to AutoSavePointSystem. This work is published from: Canada.