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  1. Scarecrow23
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    I wonder if you'd be willing to add a feature (optional) to disable saving unless one of the triggers is met?

    E.g. prevent manual saving. I have a mod that does a similar thing that I haven't released but I like the idea behind this one, disabling saving really makes 'No Death' mods stand out.

    If you are interested, you can disable saving in-game by calling Game.SetInChargen(<isableSave=True>, False, False). I have a helper property I wrote to make accessing it easier,

    Bool _saveEnabled

    Bool Property SaveEnabled

    Bool Function Get()

    Return _saveEnabled


    Function Set(Bool value)

    If (_saveEnabled != value)

    _saveEnabled = value

    Game.SetInChargen(!value, False, False)

    ebug.Notification("SaveEnabled: " + value)

    ebug.TraceStack("SS --- SaveEnabled: " + value)






    edit: well the formatting is f***ed, but that should work.

    1. xornfl
      • member
      • 229 posts
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      Can u release ur save disabler mod, i want somthing like that!
  2. Thos
    • premium
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    Thanks for the update... what changed?
    1. aldurand
      • supporter
      • 3 posts
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      There are a lot of little changes, mostly bugfixes.
  3. nblitz1982
    • supporter
    • 30 posts
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    No problems so far and it's working well, thank you! Endorsed.
  4. nblitz1982
    • supporter
    • 30 posts
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    Giving it a try. I save often and organize saves like a paranoid and this should put my mind at ease so I can immerse myself even more.
  5. Gameomat
    • supporter
    • 106 posts
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    Splendid! A feature I miss in the Vanilla Game. Much appreciated and endorsed!
  6. SamusKnight2K
    • supporter
    • 1,903 posts
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    Something I wonder, does the disable mod also shut down any running scripts completely allowing for a clean removal? Papyrus errors about the specified scripts missing during start-up are normal after removing a mod, and I think those eventually disappear completely as the references are purged from future saves. However what I'm not sure about is if this mod actually terminates running scripts and prevents them from running until enabled again. By that I mean it only references the scripts once or twice per startup and doesn't spam the log with missing references if properly disabled and then uninstalled, esp and bsa both.

    EDIT: Rewrote my comment, didn't realize it had the feature to disable the mod. But noticed it mentions leaving the bsa present to prevent errors.
  7. cornbreadtm
    • member
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    O, I get it this is like the token save system for games like Resident Evil, and Breath of Fire 5.
    Might make things interesting in my next play through, I'll bite.
    1. Devon_v
      • supporter
      • 1,199 posts
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      It's a smart auto save system. Rather like Savvy Save, but with MCM. It allows you to set how many "points" different events and actions are worth, and when enough stuff has happened since the last save, it makes another one. The idea is to let you just play without worrying about saving all the time so you don't lose everything when Skyrim randomly explodes.
  8. frozunswaidon
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    • 918 posts
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    Looks interesting, might have a try!