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Driftwood Cottage v1.2 Final

Driftwood Cottage is on a private island that is located on Lake Ilinalta and has two merchants that you can trade with. It is spouse and companion friendly and has enough beds for 9 companions and a spouse. If using the Hearthfire version it has beds for 6 children, 3 companions and a spouse.

Video by Gruntlock:

Driftwood Cottage!


- Five different versions.
- Your own private island.
- Stables with fast travel marker for your horse.
- Outdoor garden so you can harvest crops.
- Outdoor garden so you can harvest and plant your own crops. (Hearthfire versions)
- Apiary, butter churn and oven. (Hearthfire versions)
- Staff Enchanter (Dragonborn versions)
- Adoption friendly. (Hearthfire versions)
- Companion and spouse friendly.
- Has all workstations and shrines.
- Basement with War Room, Magic Room, Study, Blacksmith Area, indoor toilet and more.
- 2 new merchants.
- 6 mannequins, 6 weapon racks and 4 weapon plaques.
- Interior dimensions match exterior.
- Static clutter.
- Fully navmeshed.
- 100% script free.
- Cleaned with TES5Edit.


Skyrim Patch


Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions!


Just copy DriftwoodCottage.esp into your SkyrimData folder.


Just delete DriftwoodCottage.esp from your SkyrimData folder.

v1.1 Update Info:

I updated the Dawnguard Dragonborn Hearthfire version with a small fire pit in the master bedroom for Frostfall users. I also made the interior lighting a little brighter.


Gruntlock for his video showcasing this mod.
TMPhoenix for his Multiple Adoptions mod.
Nexus Mods