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Spinning Versions of arrow models from various mods. Current Supported Mods...
- Bolt Penetration Fix by Ghosu
- Bosmer Armor Pack by maty743
- Crafting 300 - Armoury of Tamriel by ByblosHex
- Crossbows Revamped by ciadeeh
- Elven Weaponry by cageu
- Frosfall by Chesko
- Proper Length Arrows by Madc

Permissions and credits
*I no longer play Skyrim, so this mod will receive essentially no attention from me.*

Dragonebone Mastery added to optional files
Scout Armor added to optional files

aMidianBorn Skyforge Weapons model name fixed

Crossbows Basic Collection added to the all-in-one list.

Ghosu - Horker Weapon Pack added to the All-in-One.

The Avengers Hawkeye Arrows and Bow now supported.
Ghosu - Horker Weapon Pack added to optional section.  I will add it to the main file tomorrow.

aMidianBorn Skyforge Weapons support added.

Bound Arrows Bow Bash and Very Perky Archery by Dajemic compatibility added to main file and as optional download per request.  Anyone who had problems with installing via Nexus Mod Manager, this has been fixed.

FOMOD installer built to cover everything spinning so-far.  Feel free to make a request if you see something that needs to spin!

Campfire Stone Arrows Re-Upped 0.2.  Please re-download.  The previous patch had texture path problems that I failed to notice.  Let me apologize to anyone whose immersion into the world of Skyrim was disrupted by this transgression.

Campfire Stone Arrows added

Bonemold and Chitin Weapons - Morrowind Armory added

Dragonbone Arrow Replacer added
Skyrealism - Shiny added

Daedric Glows - New and Enhanced Colors

Eternal Shine Set

Green Pact Armor

Valiant Nord Bow

Faction Crossbows
Realistic Transparent Glass

Dread Crossbow

Nightingale Weapons Retextured now supported
An NPC Module - Crossbows now supported
Noldor Content pack now supported.

Nico's Craftable Arrows now supported.
Torch Arrows and Elven Weaponry added by request

9/29/2014 - Big Update.
I have completed implementing spinning meshes for Throwing Weapons Redux!
This means...
Axes spinning like throwing hatchets
Javelins, with varying wobble effects
Knives spinning
A new potion throwing animation (These were already animated, but I replaced their animation with one that I preferred)
A note:
If anyone prefers the original potion throw animation, let me know and I will upload 2 separate files, one including potions and one not.

Do you ever feel annoyed when you take that long distance shot and get a kill cam that follows the arrow and you think "It would look way better if that arrow was spinning."?  This mod aims to fix that.  Is it realistic?  IDC.  Is it awesome?  I think so.  I think every projectile weapon in the game should have some kind of effect to it.  So I made this supplemental mod.

This is a mod for modders.  My goal is to support and give back to this awesome modding community that has made Skyrim an unforgettable experience that is unique for every single person who plays it.

I credit other mod authors for discovering this technique long before I ever started this. This mod does NOT include spinning versions of vanilla Skyrim arrows. I suggest Ultimate Spinning Arrows by Nofumasa for that. That is the mod that inspired this.

Supported Mods with Vanilla Meshes
Bosmer Armor Pack by maty743
Crafting 300 - Armory of Tamriel by ByblosHex
Elven Weaponry by cageu
Bolt Penetration Fix (Length: 8 version) by ghosu

Supported Mods with Custom meshes

Crossbows Revamped by ciadeeh
Throwing Weapons Redux
Transparent and Refracting Glass Eqmnt
Refracting Stalhrim with Optional Transparency
Proper Length Arrows
Frostfall by chesko
Nico's Craftable Arrows by Nicoroshi

I am also uploading Dragonborn DLC and Falmer arrows/spears since I did not see a mod that supported those.

I will be happy to take requests and post model files for mods.  If a mod author asks me to remove a file that uses their meshes, I will respect their wishes. I take no credit for their work. What I did to create these models was actually extremely little effort (except throwing weapons, that was a doozy).

Moar Kontent - This mod has shuriken in it.  I would like to set up a new type of animation in which the shuriken spins and spirals simultaneously.

Future Plans...
I MAY make an All-In-One spinning arrows file...  Maybe.  Since I am only changing meshes, there is relatively low concern for conflicts.

- Mod Authors -
I am happy to do this for your mods if you desire for posting on your own mod page if you wish. I actually have converted many existing mods to spinning arrows for personal use, but am reluctant to post them without explicit permission.