Bound Arrows Bow Bash and Very Perky Archery by Dajemic
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Version 1.4
Hooray for more archery perks. Now archery is more useful, giving melee and magic based options to fit your personal combat style.
No DLC required!
There are two versions:
- Lite = 3 new perks in a new branch of the skill tree.
- Full = Same as Lite but also modifies several existing perks in the vanilla skill tree.

New Perks
  • Essentially, this is the proper implementation of "Bound Arrows", where you can use any bow you
  • like, including enchanted or custom bows. (100 unique bound arrows for 120 seconds)
  • This perk is useful for "magic archers", those who specialize in magic skills but also want an
  • upper hand in ranged combat. The damage of the Wizard Arrows scales with your magic skills.
  • Wizard Arrows are incredibly fast and light, and are hardly affected by gravity.
  • During the spell, your hands are free until the effect ends or you equip other arrows.
  • This means that you can cast spells and equip different weapons while the Wizard Arrows are still bound.
  • Requires level 30 and Overdraw.

  • Deals extra arrow damage against dragons. The word "ronaan" means "archer" in the dragon language.
  • Rank 1 (skill level 40, Wizard Arrows): 20% extra damage against dragons.
  • Rank 2 (skill level 60): 40% extra damage against dragons.
  • Rank 3 (skill level 80): 60% extra damage against dragons.
  • Rank 4 (skill level 100): 80% extra damage against dragons.

  • One of the most useful perks I could think of, this increases the damage of using your bow as a
  • melee weapon to bash opponents. The damage scales with your level.
  • The bash effectiveness is also enhanced if you have the Shield Bash perk.
  • Requires Ronaan and skill level 50.

Modified Perks (Full version only)
  • Rather than paralyzing opponents, your arrows will always pierce through 30% of armor and damage resistance.
  • There is also a 15% to cause bleeding for a few seconds. The effect stacks with each successful hit.
  • Requires skill level 100, and either Ranger or Power Shot.

  • Based on a perk not featured in the game, this gives your arrows a 15% chance to disarm opponents.
  • Requires skill level 80 and Power Shot.

  • Requires Overdraw.
  • Rank 2 (skill level 80): Bow draw speed increases by 60%.

  • Requires Quick Shot.
  • Rank 2 (skill level 90): Increases knockback force, and has a 75% hit chance.

  • Requires Critical Shot.
  • Rank 2 (skill level 80): Recover ALL arrows from dead bodies.

Not modified: Critical Shot, Ranger, Eagle Eye, and Steady Hand.

Thanks for downloading, and please, please give me some feedback! Whether you love it, hate it, or have suggestions for future versions, I would really appreciate if you write something in the comments section.
If you really like the mod, please endorse it. I have big plans for future mods, and it is very encouraging to know if people want to see more of my work.

Requirements & Installation
First of all, I apologize for making multiple versions of this mod and renaming the files multiple times.
To help with uninstalling previous versions, I included a batch file that you run and it will remove all that junk.
1a. Mod manager: Uninstall previous versions, and then install this one. Fairly straightforward.
1b. Manual: Copy all of the extracted files to your Data directory (except for the readme, you don't need that).
2. Go to your Data directory and run VeryPerkyArchery-CLEANUP.bat. This gets rid of any old, misnamed versions of the mod.
And that's it. Have fun!

  • Don't use the full and lite versions together. They are separate for a reason.
  • Both versions will conflict with mods that change the Overdraw perk (first one on the vanilla perk tree). For example, SkyRe overhauls the archery perks, so it is not compatible with either version.
  • Otherwise, the lite version only adds a branch to the tree, so it shouldn't conflict with anything else.
  • The full version uses the existing vanilla perks and it does change some of them. Keep that in mind when installing other mods that change archery perks, depending on the load order. You can use BOSS or Tes5Edit if you're more comfortable with that.

See compatibility list in the readme, which also contains the changelog.