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This mod enables torches to last forever. That means they will never burn out! I have made them in three variations. Default, 2x and 4x light radius. They are also available in 3 additional brightness\'. Default, 1.5x and 2x brightness. Update: Long-Lasting 10 minute torches and Default 4 minute duration torches are also available in 3 light radii.

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This mod enables torches to last forever. That means they will never burn out! I have made them in three light radius and brightness variations. The light extends farther but is not overpowering and is perfect for being able to see during those long dark nights. Enjoy.

Light radius: Default, 2x and 4x.
Brightness: Default, 1.5x and 2x.

Update: Long-Lasting 10 minute torches and (default) 4 minute duration torches are also available in 3 light radii.

Update 2: Warm Edition. These are basically the same as the original ToE torches but these feature a warmer, more orange-red light.

Update 3: Dynamic Shadows Edition. The torches in this edition cast dynamic shadows on your surroundings. It adds a lot of atmosphere to dungeon crawling and just looks cool.

Warning: since the 1.5.26 update dynamic shadows no longer work correctly in exterior spaces so you won't see "proper" shadows until you hit an interior space like a house or cave. The shadows in exterior spaces are very odd, torches cast shadows but the shadows that are cast reflect Sun position. That means torches highlight shadows that the Sun are casting at that time of night as if it were daytime. You'll notice this oddity in heavily forested areas the most because it will look like your torch has stopped working... it hasn't. Also, dynamic shadows can cast unnaturally dark shadows on your characters face. There's nothing that can be done about this.

Update: For v5 Dynamic Shadow users! You can put it back in [dynamic exterior] shadows by adding the following line to your SkyrimPrefs.ini file (by default it's set to 1 to disable the outside radial shadow system).


This info came from @Leathersoup and all thanks go to him for providing it. Thanks again!

There is also an issue with the horrible way Skyrim handles shadows. Shadow striping. Some people with unadjusted shadow setting in their SkyrimPrefs.ini's may experience SEVERE striping problems. This can be largely overcome if you increase the quality of your shadows, but there will still be minor striping regardless of any tweaks.

These are my personal Shadow settings. Use them if you have striping issues. Also, there is another suggestion in the comments section if these are too taxing for your system.


Install Info: (Remember! Only choose one ToE file to activate because they will not work together.)

1. Place the Torch of Everlasting.esp into your main Skyrim Data folder. The folder where BSA's are located.

2. Activate the .ESP in your Skyrim Launcher by checking Torch of Everlasting.esp.

3. Alternatively, if you don't use your launcher, you can go to Users\Your User Name\AppData\Local\Skyrim\plugins.txt* and add Torch of Everlasting.esp to the list.

*Please note that doing it this way will require you being able to view hidden folders.

4. Play and enjoy your everlasting torch!

Thanks go to the Nexus and Bethesda!


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