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Remix of all the female vanilla clothes outfits as minidresses and boots for UNP or UNPBBP, including DLCs. This mod is a replacer (clothes folders only, no armors). Optional textures in HD. No panties version also optional.

Permissions and credits
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Skimpy clothes and boots replacer for UNP.
Each set comes with 1st person views and it's available with or without BBP. 

Includes all female outfits in the clothes folders + all DLCs.


Please note, these files include the panties textures from my other mod UNP Spice Gear Collection (i didn't want to make a duplicate). You can overwrite these textures, or not (it's exactely the same).

- UNP body meshes & textures.
- If you don't have the Dragonborn DLC, make sure Tiwa44_minidresses_dragonborn.esp is unticked or delete it from your load order.

HDT-PE (therefore HDT-PE requirements as well: compatible skeleton such as Groovtama's XPMSE and SKSE).

Since this mod is a replacer, be warned old ladies will walk around in cute minidresses. If that bothers you, 2 options: you can find mods that make old ladies look younger, or mods that restore vanilla clothes on older ladies.

Note on ESP files:
What Tiwa44_minidresses.esp modifies:
- miner boots armor addon mesh path: fix for female's miner boots displaying as the male ones.
- yarl03 boots armor addon mesh path: fix for female's yarl03 boots displaying as the male ones.
- ragged trousers armor addon mesh path: fix for female's ragged trousers displaying as the roughspun tunic.
What Tiwa44_minidresses_dragonborn.esp modifies:
- skaal boots and torso armor addons mesh paths: fix for female weight slider not working.

Dimon99 for the body. MrTroubleMaker for the hands. Phygit for the feet. Rest is my own adapted version of the vanilla stuff.

SPECIAL THANKS to jerryh72, dTd, Jeffreylane, SamusKnight2k, stoaty6666, SCHNEE4, Elgar82, harryharry989, suedetoy, Dimension7, AWP586, qq9062583, White Shadow, lunarossa, ssj7blade, brevi, circ, 999-jay-999, MrTroubleMaker, seden, Zarrastro, Pixiestone, monababii, wann8389, Adipsycho, Exoclyps, ImsumDave, Nightasy, Mr. Dave, the nif tools people, and dimon99 for the amazing UNP body, and Phygit who made the lovely feet.

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