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Added: 11/11/2013 - 12:15AM
Updated: 25/12/2013 - 03:35PM

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Skeletons, vampires, draugr and dragon priests will resurrect unless killed by any of the options(if activated) which include:
-Silver and dawnguard weapons
-Werewolfs, Vampire Lords and the dawnbreaker
-Restoration spells
-Destruction spells
-Sun spells(vanilla only)
-Soul trapping
-Dragons and dragonbone weapons
-Daedric weapons

Moreover, if you use other weapons/spells the skeleton/vampire may or may not raise depending on the raise chance that's set in the menu.

When a vampire goes down you may cleanse their bodies (turn them to ashes) with garlic in order to prevent resurrection.

NOTE: The optional file for Immersive creatures enables BOTH resurrection systems at the same time, so they may revive either due to SIC's loot-revive system or due to this mod's revive system.

NOTE: When changing options leave the current cell and wait for 3 hours in order for the adjusted options to kick in properly.

1- Skyrim and all the DLCs (CTD at startup otherwise)
3- SkyUI

It works without the original mod.

If using the immersive creatures optional esp, it will require Immersive creatures of course.

1- Beast skeleton (should work with it, if this mod is placed lower)
2- SkyRE
3- Any mod that adds skeleton/vampires using vanilla races.

1- Activate esp and place it lowest as possible
2- WAIT for the MENU to be processed

1- Overwrite older files
2- Do a "clean save"(uninstall) procedure before activating the new esp

NOTE: If after doing a clean save the "always reviving" problem persists load a save before using the mod for the first time.

1-Enter the console command "stopquest trulyundeadq"
2-Remove from load order


BrotherBob for his great mod and scripts.

refusedzero and kioxin for their tests and bug reports.

WDog367 for his great help in providing an example esp.

Mojo22 and Schlangster for their help.

EXTRAv3- Undead that revive will be stronger(have more HP) based on the HP bonus slider.
EXTRAv2- New kill moves toggle.
EXTRAv1- New slider to give bonus health points. Ghost Blade tagged as a daedric artifact.
FINAL - Fixed the last issue(with vampires), all the three use now share the very same script, so if one is behaving correctly and the others aren't do a "clean save"/uninstall procedure, in my tests none have gone wrong, but I use a save file that never loaded the mod before.
2.1 immersive- Added a new esp with immersive creatures race support. NOTE: skeletons and draugr can and will revive BOTH through this mod AND the loot-raise mechanics from Immersive Creatures.
2.1- Added a new esp with greater tolerence times for registering a valid kill weapon, revive interval should array from 0s to 15s.
2.0- Added Draugr and dragon priest support (both categorized as draugrs)
1.5.5- Small aesthetic fix to the MCM menu, from DAEDRIC to Daedric weapons.
1.5- Percentage issue corrected(100% wasn't 100% chance, but rather 99,9%), added soultrap, daedric and dragon options, made vampire lords able to kill undead through the daedra toggle.
1.0- First Launch