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Adds the adoring fan.
You can find him in Candlehearth hall, Windhelm.
He is a follower.

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Adds adoring fan.
You can find him in candlehearth hall, Windhelm.
He is a follower. He respawns in Windhelm when he dies.

We don't know why he is alive. Sheogorath's prank or a descendant?

He uses separate textures and meshes.
You don't need any additional mods for his appearances.

Face Textures: Pretty Face for Men
Meshes: Vanilla
Eyes: Original
Eyebrows: Original

This uses Vicn's resource. He made dialogues and hair. Thanks to Vicn.

Skyrim 1.9.32
SKSE 1.7.3
Fuz Ro Do-h - Silent Voice

  • SKSE and Fuz Ro Do-h - Silent Voice
  • Copy contents of the package to your skyrim directory.
  • Need to save and then reload this data.

  • Type StopQuest zzzDialogueAdoringFan in console.
  • Saves the game.
  • Uninstall in your mod manager.

Not included. You convert your own files.
Or copy xwmsample folder of onion voice collection to DataSoundVoiceAdoringFan.espzOnionVoice.

Adds a unisex hair for player.

Feel free to use this mod.

Vicn - Create hair and dialogues.

Supports are welcome
I cannot accept donations by Paypal in my country. It is possible for patreon or ko-fi.

ko-fi in my page. $3-