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david hartley

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automatic variant texture package for the dwemer spider/steam centurion/sphere centurion

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this automatic variant texture package is for the:

dwemer spider
steam centurion
sphere centurion

i have tried to keep all the variations lore friendly so you wont see a pink centurion there are 9 variations of each the reason i made this pack is that i have been playing with AV and really enjoying the variations in creatures then going to a dwemer ruin every enemy looked the same and it sort of broke the immersion for me i also could not find any dwarven AV packs on the nexus so decided to give them a well deserved face lift using AV so here it is.

---update 1.2 ---

the update adds 9 new textures for the Dwemer ballista dawnguard is required

Manual Installation:
Must obtain the program "Automatic Variants" to install this package and similar ones. Once have this and have installed it copy these into your Data folder and the file/s should show up in the SkyProcPatchersAutomatic VariantsAV Packages folder. Once done would run the Automatic Variants program and activate the desired AVps, for thorough guidelines you need to review the details here on Nexus contained in the Automatic Variants post.

Manual Uninstall:

Use the AV program to deactivate all or parts of this package.

all credit goes to Leviathan1753 for making automatic variants.

have a look at my art at