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  1. Jack Wow
    Jack Wow
    • premium
    • 803 posts
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    Just stumbled on this mod and remember this fondly. Created a month and a half after Skyrim's launch. I has got to be one of my first endorsements.
  2. nightscrawl
    • member
    • 1,091 posts
    • 41 kudos
    I'm using the SE version, but wanted to also endorse and comment here as well. Using the washed out version and they're perfect. Thanks so much.
  3. Psalms139
    • member
    • 95 posts
    • 1 kudos
    Using your Washed Out Dirty-1024 version and it looks great. Appreciate the time and effort you put into making this mod. Did come across the chest on top of Refugee's Rest, east of Windhelm, and it was "ice blue"(?) looking. Only one I've come across, among the many, that looked like that. Wondering if there's something I need to do to correct it, or what. Thank you for any help, or advice. Again, great mod and much appreciated.
    1. Lilly313
      • member
      • 5 posts
      • 0 kudos
      That's due to a missing texture, you'd have to find another texture replacement mod that specifically aims at chests.
  4. HrvojeRaznjevic
    • member
    • 735 posts
    • 37 kudos
    Excellent mod, great little add-on to my glorious mod collection
  5. eLucifer
    • member
    • 2,380 posts
    • 34 kudos
    Can you make an alternate version by replacing all snow covered chests with regular ones? I use a mod which removes snow from Skyrim(Summer Edition mod) but some chests still have snow on them. Really breaks immersion.
    1. JoshuaHQ
      • member
      • 37 posts
      • 6 kudos
      Have you simply try to replace the file '' with a renamed copy of '' ?
      I think this could work. The files are located in 'textures\clutter\containers\'.
    2. clintmich
      • premium
      • 1,233 posts
      • 241 kudos
      Yes, replacing the nif file would work. Just make sure you rename the new model you want with ""
  6. Ace Damon
    Ace Damon
    • supporter
    • 17 posts
    • 1 kudos
    Just delete the "ruins_largechest.nif" from your Data\meshes\clutter\ruins and you´ll be fine, no need to download anything. Still need to find how it got there... Maybe SMIM, maybe TPC
    1. sion9000
      • member
      • 183 posts
      • 13 kudos
      Went poking around and I can confirm it's SIMM adding that file. Most likely the latest versions of SIMM aren't fully supported by TPC. I had a similar problem the first time I used TPC where I'd get purple trees. I think I had to manually delete a .nif to fix that one, too. For anyone getting the "purple chest" bug, just do what Ace Damon said. It doesn't hurt your game any and at this point it's a required step for TPC to run as intended.
    2. CaptainCrunch
      • member
      • 189 posts
      • 4 kudos
      Thanks a billion, mate. I could kiss you. I'm using TPC and SMIM too and try deleting the textures with no luck. Then I deactivated the whole TPC combined package and the chests looked normal again. At first I thought it's because I used almost every optional texture pack suggested and my rig ran out of RAM but I checked and that wasn't the case. Then I deleted ruins_largechest.nif and the mod now runs like a charm. Even some of those pesky little pruple edges on the ground in caves and mines are gone. Thanks a lot. Here, have some kudos
  7. AceGoober
    • Moderator
    • 2,232 posts
    • 26 kudos
    Endorsed. Chests look way better than vanilla. Thanks!
  8. spyder98
    • member
    • 62 posts
    • 1 kudos
    if your having the "purple chest" bug

    DO WHAT "ACE DEMON" SAID IT SOLVED THE PROBLEM well at least for me...

    thank you ace
  9. Kerlysis
    • member
    • 564 posts
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    Dirty rich... now I have Lady Gaga in my head.
  10. issaccc
    • member
    • 1,109 posts
    • 15 kudos
    good work!