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This mod Re-Textures all lootable chests to more detailed Hi-Resolution versions. Multiple versions are available to accommodate player preferences.

Permissions and credits

Special Edition version can be found here:Detailed Chests



NEW Version 1.2 (Jan 30,2012)

Added a new hi-Res re-tex for (this re-tex is included in all versions, there is no scratched up dirty version for this one!)

Added Dirty/Scratched versions in both 2048x2048 and 1024x1024 texture maps

Version 1.1 updates are included in version 1.2(only download new file)

(OLD)Version 1.1

Ruins Chests texture replacers have been added, along with snow covered versions.
Dirtier scratched looking versions are still being contemplated. If there is enough demand I may still make them

[size=8]Are you tired of looking at Low-Res chests every time you loot them? If yes,then this mod is for you!!![/size]

This mod replaces the vanilla textures for ALL chests to more detailed Hi-Resolution versions. Texture/normal maps have been increased from 512x512 to 2048x2048. There are also optional versions with 1024x1024 maps. Your choice.


There are 8 versions to choose from, only use one of the 8, as they will overwrite eachother.

Rich_2048 : Vibrant Rich Textures(Clean and Bright Skyrim, 2048x2048 texture maps)

Rich_1024 : Vibrant Rich Textures(Clean and Bright Skyrim, 1024x1024 texture maps)

WashedOut_2048 : Dull textures ( Clean but blends well with vanilla Skyrim, 2048x2048 texture maps)

WashedOut_1024 : Dull textures (Clean but blends well with vanilla Skyrim, 1024x1024 texture maps)

Rich_Dirty_2048 : Vibrant Rich Textures(Dirty and Bright Skyrim, 2048x2048 texture maps)

Rich_Dirty_1024 : Vibrant Rich Textures(Dirty and Bright Skyrim, 1024x1024 texture maps)

WashedOut_Dirty_2048 : Dull textures (Dirty and blends well with vanilla Skyrim, 2048x2048 texture maps)

WashedOut_Dirty_1024 : Dull textures (Dirty and blends well with vanilla Skyrim, 2048x2048 texture maps)

About The New

This is the newest and final addition to this Detailed Chests Mod. It IS included in ALL versions. This texture does NOT have a WashedOut or Dirty version. It is a Clean and Rich texture as a High Chest should be. You will not find a snow covered version of this texture in this mod, as there is no snow covered texture for the in vanilla Skyrim.


I recommend WashedOut_Dirty 2048x2048 for best visual effect(I'm currently using this replacer)

If you have changed your settings, or added mods/texture replacers that brighten up or increase the saturation levels of the Skyrim world, I recommend using the original Rich or Rich_Dirty versions to blend better into your game.


1. Q: Will these textures affect the performance(FPS) of my Skyrim game?
A: It might, use the best version that suits your gaming pc. There are different size texture maps to choose from.(If you're running your game with High or Ultra settings without issues,2048x2048 texture maps are recommended. Pc's with lower performance should use the 1024x1024 texture maps)

2. Q: Are you going to make dirty scratched up versions of this mod?
A: I already did, you can find the new files in the download section.

3. Q: Can I use your textures in my own mod?
A: Maybe! PM me and we'll talk

4. Q: Can you make another version with bla..bla..bla..bla..or change bla..bla..bla?
A: NO, There are 8 versions of this mod already. You should be able to find one that suits your desired gaming preferences.

To Install, use Nexus Mod Manager to do it automatically for you.

Or manually Install by unzipping the file and placing the texture folder in the Skyrim Data directory. The file path for the Skyrim Data directory is Steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/data

To Uninstall remove the following files from your skyrim/data/textures/clutter/containers directory. Remove: , , and
Also remove these following files from your skyrim/data/textures/clutter/ruins directory. Remove:,, and
Remove the following files from your skyrim/data/textures/clutter directory., and

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If these guidelines are not followed, the Nexus moderation team will be contacted, and you will be dealt with accordingly. Thank You
Note* I'm a real easy modder to get along with, I often accommodate players to their personal preferences. Stay on my good side, and we will get along just fine:)


Bethesda- For yet another great RPG
Nexus Sites-For hosting the best mod site on the net
Gamers-For downloading my mods,and keeping me motivated to make more. Thank You!!!


version 1.2