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Because nobody knows how to use a dictionary.
This simple mod corrects any spelling errors left in the Unofficial Skyrim Patch.

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UPDATE 2021: THIS MOD DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE. Darklocq has made an updated version that is fully compatible with the current version and the latest Unofficial Patch - please use that instead!

I am no longer active in Skyrim modding and will not resume work on this project in the foreseeable future. I really appreciate the messages of support that people have left me here - it might not seem like much, but it means the world to me. I'm also sorry for having abandoned the project as quickly as I did. I am also no longer active on this account - if you have anything you want to talk about regarding this mod, you can always add me and send me a message on Discord: PetrogradXXII#0569

All the best.

UPDATE: As I lost all interest in Skyrim and modding, I am delaying the v.2 indefinitely. Read as: until I regain interest. If you want to continue my work, you can go right ahead, just email me at [email protected] and let me know.
UPDATE 2: I am regaining interest in the TES series. I might work on v.2 soon... ish. (BS translator: sometime next year)

Because nobody knows how to use a dictionary.

This simple mod corrects any spelling errors left in the Unofficial Skyrim Patch.

Latest official Skyrim patch and latest Unofficial Skyrim patch.

1. Install with NMM (recommended) or unzip to your Skyrim directory.
2. Using whatever mod manager you prefer, set USGSP.esp to load AFTER Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp and activate USGSP.esp.

1. Deactivate "USGSP.esp" in the "Data Files" section of the launcher or NMM, or delete "UGSP.esp" from your directory outright if you are a gangsta rapper from the 90s and hate all kinds of grammatical correctness.

> Incompatibilities with USKP fixed. USKP REQUIRED!
> Corrected spelling and grammar for all books.

Organized Books.

If you want to upload this elsewhere or include this in your mod, ask me first.

Feel free to PM, or better yet, email me at [email protected] about anything to do with this mod, from a small glitch, to an incompatibility, anything.

This patch is not in any way affiliated with the Unofficial Skyrim patches, I just named it like this because it sounds more professional.

Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages - I got all the grammar mistakes from it.
Creation Kit - without it this mod would not exist.
Unofficial Skyrim Patch Team - I had to use it for bug fixes, because I didn't want everything from my patch to overwrite this and cause glitches and incompatibilities.