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Adds a Nordic style Kukri to the game

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What is this mod?

Update: 0.91

New HD textures for the Kukri along with an improved Mesh. No Dragon, more 'Neutral' then 'Nordic'

New Textures for the scabbard. Just a quick 'plain jane' leather texture with no Dragon.

This version is a Dagger as far as perk trees and kill moves go. (the dual-wield dagger kill moves look awesome with the Kukri imo!)

Overall file size halved :)

Craftable at any Forge under Iron.

Dmg.= 9
Crit. Dmg.=4

it's an iron dagger that thinks it's a steel waraxe ;)

Temper, enchant, Enjoy :)


Has once again been kind enough to make a showcase video. Thanks a million dude :)

Please support and check out his channel here, the guy does really excellent work!


were also kind enough to make a video for the mod. Thanks guys!

Check out and support the channel here.

One of my favourite Skyrim photo artists Nightskia, has done a showcase for the mod,

Please check out and support this guys work, he takes the most amazing shots :)

Hodilton made a really cool video for the mod. Please check out and support his channel here.


If you just want to try it out you can console it in with...

Help Kukri 4

Player.additem XX 000D62 1

in the console.


Click the Download with Manager button in the files section to download to NMM.
Activate the mod in NMM.

To manually install, just download the file and extract the files into the data folder. Don't forget to activate the .esp :)