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A Revitalization of the orignal Vanilla Dragon textures in an Ultra High Definition format...

Permissions and credits
Version Update 2.0y

Minor Changes, but mostly similare, "tweaks" to the scales...

Majority of the work done is making 1024x2048/2048x4096/4096x8192 packages available.

Keep in mind for those wanting to venture into the 1024x2048 texture pack.... I really can't stress how much poorer quality they are compared....

Please be patient while the uploads complete.

Includes Bones/Parthurnax/General Dragons.

DOES NOT INCLUDE Alduin "YET". About 15% complete him.... it's going to take awhile.

Version Update 2.0x Going LIVE...

New in this version is the implementation of the Parthurnax texture Test v2.0 revision 10 similare to what was seen in the preview. This is being applied to all the dragons with this new version..... excluding Alduin for the time being still...

I am going to keep the V1.5 Package as an optional Package for those that either don't like or just prefer the previous style better. Quite fair. As i've been working on these for the past 5 hours steady.... i'm not going to be able to work on Alduin tonight..... my carpeltunnel kicked in full plast on the last few peices of the dragons i was further "fine tuning".

Also if your curious, i've packaged the original Vanilla Normal maps, if your asking why, well, with these new skin/scales, i couldn't create a normal map that looked right at all, and found the previous 1.5 version looked terrible being applied to the v2.0. So if you see a file being overwritten that is CONSIDERABLY smaller, PLEASE overwrite everything, otherwise i cannot guaratee the above screenshots to look similare to yours.

If anyone wants to take a stab at making a normal map for these... feel free to try and i'd appreciate it if you sent me the file to test.... If i approve, i'll add it to the main/optional downloads.

thank you and enjoy. Incoming 219MB rar file (unpacked 346mb) 4096x8192 texture.

Please be patient for the 2048x4096 and 1024x2048 versions....

Version Update 2.0p Preview

I've uploaded the Parthurnax V2.0 Revision 9 Preview

I've only uploaded a 4096x8192 texture.... no normal map...

enjoy.... leave comments.

If i get a good number of positive responces about how this dragon looks... I'll finalize it and i'll apply this revision to the rest of the dragons and upload, this will leave me with one last dragon to do which is alduin which..... i'm really not looking forward to as the little bit i've already isolated has taken HOURS and i'm barely started... (sigh)

Please.... if you download it.... as it is a seperate download for the time being, PLEASE leave a comment and let me know what you think, and if you don't mind, give me suggestions/ideas to improve it... I cannot guarantee that i can do much, but i will try.

Version 1.5a Update

Thanks to Sierra312 pointing out a flaw i had been trying to resolve for awhile and then also providing a link to the original mod that "fixes" the alpha channel layer dealing with Blood Dragons (dragon_swamp file only). Implemented a noticeable improvement to the texture and graphical appearance of the dragon thanks to what Zardalu has provided. Credits to Zardalu for his/her work.

Source Mod Refference ~> Zardalu's Blood Dragon Fix

Version 1.5 Update 2048x4096

I've converted the 4096x8192 textures into a 1/4 resolution 2048x4096 (which are still 4x larger than the original default textures). Providing for significantly smaller size and for anyone really wanting the textures but lacking available ram. Enjoy.

If there is demand, i'll upload the 1024x2048 version of these.

Enjoy and happy new year!

Version 1.5 Update

Went ahead and did some fixes that i didn't notice until the other day.... apparently missed a peice of the texture that isn't very noticeable in game. but when you do.. draws your eye to it...
Additionally as requested, a much higher/better version of the bones... screenshot of it included..

Full package available.... Normal maps included.... Still think I need to make the normal maps... "better".. or clearer or something.. less blocky anyways.. I just can't seem to get them to look right.

Few other changes.... Enjoy

Shameless Plug

My other List of Projects that will likely grow:

Ultra High Definition Enhanced Dragon Boss DragonScale

Version 1.0a Update

Mikester112 has provided an updated Normal Map which i think personally after checking them out brings a little bit cleaner and more unique bump compared to the orginal. Try it out ;)

Version 1.0 is live...

Pictures of some of the dragons i spawned. No, there are no post effects or photoshopping, they are direct from the game screenshots, using the settings i'm using to play, so no insane texture detail lod changes or crazy high FSAA or anything.. just the same ol 60fps style 4x MSAA and 16x AF and a high resolution to boot.

Replacement textures of all the typical dragons... default/swamp/snow/boss/earth/ohdaviing/skeleton

New Normal texture... enhanced by mikester112, thanks for the help, further "enhanced" by me by increasing the bump height a little bit more and compressing it into a DXT5 format. (saved us all about 30mb of texture space)

+All textures excluding the normal map and skeleton textures, are 4096x8192.
+All textures are compressed in a DXT5 8bit RGBA format WITH mipmaps.
+Approximate install size is 272MB, read the readme for more details on installation/uninstallation.

Sorry for the long wait for the download...

Those concerned about "will this kill my performance?" or "8192 texture resolution? omfg, who would want that?" Granted if you read further below about my initial upload... you'd understand. 99% of the people playing this game, taking into consideration higher resolution textures and such, aren't likely to be playing with a video card not capable of at LEAST 8192x8192. Since the HD2xxx and Nvidia 8xxx series, every graphics card since then and up have 8192x8192 support, more recent cards have 16384x16384 texture resolution support.

The only reason you should experience a slow down, massive performance hit is IF your lacking vram, those not running anything with at LEAST 1gb of Video Ram, may not want this...

Unlike other textures which are repeatedly loads and seen through the game in many places, Dragons typically show up one at a time... typically. So for the game to load 43mb for the texture and approximately 10mb for the normal map plus the 5mb for the skeleton texture and normal map. 58mb of texture space isn't going to kill many people.

I've tested this on a very low end set of computers. One containing an x1900xtx with 512mb vram, another running a 9600GT with 512mb of vram. Both did not show any difference in frame rate/performance/issues in loading the image. Obviously since the x1900xtx doesn't support 8192 textures, the next step down mipmap loaded no problems and looked good.

Highly recommended for anyone running in the 2gb + Video Ram arena.

Hope you enjoy, thanks for downloading, Suggestion and contructive critisism welcomed. And if you think the textures are to "gritty", try them first, all i know is after i got done and fired it up... feels like i could touch them and experience a tough scaly surface.

Boring stuff from version 0.2

Long story short, i've been playing with i don't know how many texture packs out there.. lost count... But i just .... can't put my finger on it... the dragons just, seem still quite blurry and so lacking in the level of detail i'd like, sure they look pretty good from a distance, but get up into it's face and the wow factor falls so fast.... in essense i'd say things look terrible still.

I had been playing around and testing different texture sizes myself.. using different ways of figuring out what the best texture resolution was for the level of detail up close. After testing everything from stock which is 1024x2048 ~> 2048x4096 ~> 4096x8192 ~> 8192x16384. I've come to the conclusion that for the BEST results, 4096x8192 seems to be the absalute limit before the dragons don't appear to benefit at any level in increasing the texture sizes....

Now most wouldn't venture past the 4096 range... but i did for the dragons.. they are HUGE models.. and the one thing killing current mods/retextures is the fact that even at 2048x4096.. the Textures are still being "stretched"... and in some places, it doesn't mater how high you go... the models will cause stretching appearance in some places, it's just unavoidable... HOWEVER in places where it does matter, 4096x8192 seems to be the jackpot winner.

Please be patient, there is only 2 dragons i've done so far... they are TEST variant at the moment, using a couple of different retexturing enhancement schemes i'm trying out.... But i will upload 2 pictures of a frost/snow dragon just to give you an idea.

ANYONE out there know how to make killer Normal Maps... please... if you can... let me know how.. OR if you want, feel free to download the textures... normal map them so they fit the level of the detail the dragons have.. and send them my way to see how it works.

These textures are DXT5 8bit RGBA Textures... there is only 2 of them like i said...

Let me know how it goes if anyone bothers to take a look....