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The highly-anticipated sequel to Dawn of Whiterun. A lore-friendly, performance-friendly overhaul of Windhelm that transforms it into the cultural and historical city of legend.

Permissions and credits
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Q: Are there any requirements?
A: Yes! Dawn of Windhelm requires Dragonborn. No other mods or DLCs are required.

Q: Will you make a version without Dragonborn?
A: No.

Q: Full list of features?
- Completely revamped Grey Quarter, complete with new market area, shrines, Morrowind lighting and flora, as well as a plethora of
hand-picked details.
- Revitalized front entrance, including Ysgramor statue (the city was founded by him, after all), and touches to
Candlehearth Hall
- Stormcloak recruitment desk
- Palace of the Kings entrance redone for a more awe-inspiring look
- Detailed market district and graveyard
- Statue of Talos near Hjerim
- Improvements all around the city, including trees (not too many), flora, snow, banners, and crates / barrels, and snowberries.
- Removed some things that dirtied Windhelm, such as the obnoxious dead shrubs that were everywhere.
- Hid that awful wall with the striped texture near Hjerim

Q: The boar is loading outside of his pen.
A: Update the mod.

Q: Translations?
A: Existing translations are linked in the representative flags above. If you would like to make a translation, please contact me for permission. Current translations are linked by the country flags on the top of the page.

Q: Compatibility?

- Mods that make changes to Hjerim.
- RLO (load DOW before)
- Nernie's Cities / Windhelm
- Drinking Fountains of Skyrim (as of version 1.1)
- Civil War Overhaul
- Sexy Windhelm

- Nernie's Thief Pack (However, this can easily be made compatible by deleting the scaffolding in the Grey Quarter that that mod adds)
- Windhelm Odd Wall Fix (DoW fixes this by itself)
- Open Cities
- Other mods that make changes to Windhelm, unless otherwise stated.

Permission Notes
None of my mods or their assets may be redistributed or utilized in other mods in any
circumstance, paid or free.  My mods are exclusive to the nexus and my
tumblr, when applicable.  If you see them elsewhere, including the steam
workshop, they are stolen and I will not condone or support these

Authorized translations will always be linked in the description and some of these may be hosted on other sites as per my and
the translator's discretion.