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Severin Manor made adoption friendly through use of Hearthfire multiple adoptions mod and a few other changes!

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Okay, this mod does several things, you may not like all of them, if so please don't complain and change it yourself, I've made this place according to my taste.

The first thing this mods does is change the Severin Manor so it allows your spouse and kids to move there but only when you use Hearthfire multiple adoptions - Now with custom home support for kids and spouse. Your family will live their lives exactly as they do in vanilla homes. There are versions for up to 6 kids and even a spouse only version.
Note: If you're using the spouse only version, you can still move in you're kids but they won't sleep or do anything at all!
Note: If you're using the 1 child version and your child doesn't sleep don't worry, this can happen, because the child gets assigned to a bed that is not there, so the solution is to simply move to a different house and then move back, and repeat the process until your child gets assigned to the bed that is there. However this is not tested and might not happen at all.

The second thing this mod does is make the house have a lot more light. You've probably noticed that if you use any realistic lighting mod, you need a torch or nightvision inside here to see which is completely unrealistic.

The Third change is furniture. I moved some stuff around and added some things but nothing extreme, you might not even have noticed it if I hadn't mentioned it.

Fourth is doors, lots of doors. I really like doors so now every room has a door.

Finally, the mod ads a few ash jams in front of the house for your spouse to grow and some markers around raven rock so that your family can actually live instead of just hanging around the house all day.

Please endorse the mod if you like it!

Served Cold is completed! If you don't do this first the mod will probably break your game!
Just to be safe you should go into the house at least once after gaining it before you install this mod!

Extract and drop the .esp into your data folder or simply use Nexus Mod Manager.
For your family to move to this house you will need to cast the "Bless home" spell from the Hearthfire multiple adoptions - Now with custom home support for kids and spouse mod and ask your spouse or your child to move to "our new home"

Simply overwrite the .esp (seriously I don't even know why I'm writing this).

Just delete the .esp.

Should be compatible with pretty much everything that doesn't edit Severin Manor.
If you discover any incompatibilities please let me know!

This mod should be used with the Hearthfire multiple adoptions - Now with custom home support for kids and spouse mod and is the only way you can get your wife and kids into this house.

This mod will come in handy with the moving mannequins. Vanilla Mannequin Script Fix

Haven't had any comments yet, let alone questions!

Miri's bed may still be there after you install this mod, I believe this is due to a script and I have no idea how to remove it in the creation kit, so if the bed appears for you just try disableing it with the console or using "mark for delete" if "disable" doesn't work.

Bethesda - For making Skyrim and being the greatest video game company of all time!
Nexus - For allowing us all to enjoy modding
TMPhoenix - For making the awesome Hearthfire multiple adoptions - Now with custom home support for kids and spouse mod (please go and endorse that mod and also give him some kudos) and helping me with creating this mod.

If you want to use this mod for something (don't know why you would) please just let me know, I'm probably going to let you but I really appreciate being asked.

Added a 1 child version.
Added a 3 child version.
Added a 4 child version.
Added a 5 child version.
Added a 6 child version.
Added a spouse only version.
Fixed some navmesh bugs.
Fixed child chests so that taking stuff from them is no longer considered stealing.

Initial Release