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  1. getsemanne
    • member
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    This mod is compatible with (HighHeels)?
  2. pc871226
    • supporter
    • 43 posts
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    Hi i really like the main pose in 02 and the alternative pose in 00...So i overwrite the following files in 02 with the same files in 00:

    animobjectchairdrinkingidlevar2.hkx (11 kb)
    animobjectchaireatingidlevar2.hkx (19 kb)
    chair_basevar1tobasevar2.hkx (10 kb)
    chair_basevar1tocrossedvar2.hkx (14 kb)
    chair_idlearmscrossedvar2.hkx (12 kb)
    chair_idlebasevar2.hkx (13 kb)

    unfortunately, the transition files ( chair_basevar1tobasevar2.hkx) still has the main pose of 00 in it...so the transition became from 00 main to 00 alternative instead of my desire which is 02main to 00alternative. (by main i mean idlebasevar1 and alternative meaning idlebasevar2)
    I just wonder if you would provide a transition file from 02 main to 00 alternative?
    I understand it has been so many years now and as an author you might have left this modding community long time ago...But just in case you saw this, please let me know if you would do it for me.
    Or if you let me know what software you use for animation editing that'll work for me too.

  3. Tenkuro09
    • member
    • 28 posts
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    Does this also fix the Npc's that are sitting on air?
  4. DevoutlyWicked
    • member
    • 115 posts
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    I had to come back for this mod since I really loved having just that simple change in game. I recently dumped my entire game to change body meshes and am restoring all the great things I had before and this is one of them.

    I still get a laugh out of that screenshot of the 02 position. The dude in the chitin armor is definitely trying to see what color her panties are or if she's wearing any when she crossed her legs.
    1. gekkou1992
      • member
      • 425 posts
      • 233 kudos
      Haha, he's Teldryn Sero.
  5. reandarkness
    • member
    • 30 posts
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    Great! No vanilla animation clipping! Endorsed. I hope some update for this mod
  6. DevoutlyWicked
    • member
    • 115 posts
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    Works and looks great! Thanks!
  7. NeOniq
    • member
    • 657 posts
    • 33 kudos
    This is the best fem sitting anims. Thank you very much! I mixed up files from all variants for different actions when sitting, and all look very nice!
  8. TDY2
    • member
    • 11 posts
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    If you can make it cycle through all 3 animations then that would be dope.
  9. Caideus1
    • member
    • 563 posts
    • 3 kudos
    I'm trying to figure out how to get my PC to have sitting animations just like the male NPCS do, anyone know where to find something like that?
  10. b3r2004
    • member
    • 50 posts
    • 2 kudos
    what's the mod for the hat? I really wanted to find one mod like that but I can't find it
    1. LenaTheThief
      • member
      • 14 posts
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      it's not a hat mod, it's the hair mod KS hairdos renewal Kalilies Stealthic Khaos and Shocky, it's one of the hair styles so you can only have that hair style