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Project Skyrim HD - Riften Series Optimized HD Retexture

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This Mod wil bring you Riften in a complete New Never seen before look. All Textures were done from Scratch and have been Optimized to give you best Performance and of course the Best look that you would expect from any HD Mod ! As we all know Riften is a very Humid City because of all the Water in and around the City. Thats why there are a lot of Mossy Areas. So in this Texture Pack you will also find some New Mossy Wood and Stone.This Mod will change the Whole Outside Area and the Interior of Riften.As we all also know HD Retexturing is a big thing of taste and Me personally also dont like every HD Retexture Mods, NO matter what they do Retexture. There are tons of them out there. I have tried to stay as lore friendly as possible and of course designed the City to my personal likings in first way. I want to Share this Mod with you all because I think many of you will also like this and of course many of you will not like it, just like everything in life. So feel free to try out those Textures I have done and feel free to comment. I am open for every critic or requests or maybe you just want to tell me that you like it. Maybe some of you also know my other Farmhouse Series Mod, that was designed in first place to use with ENB and Realisitc Lightning Overhaul. So many people out there faced some issues with to bright and shiny textures because of not using ENB or Lightning Mods. Well This Mod now is completely tested without ENB and also no Lightning Mods were used to design this Mod. Of course I have also tested this Mod with ENB and Ligtning Mods and that makes it even look better. ENB and Lightning Mods make everything look better in Skyrim not only this Mod. Even Vanilla Skyrim looks better. Ok so enough With boring Descriptions.
Just a Quick Info what this Mod will change:
  • -Riften Fishingnet
  • -Riftenbricks
  • -Riftencanalwoods
  • -Riftencanalplanks
  • -Riftendirt
  • -Riftendoors
  • -Riftenhouseplanks
  • -Riftenlattice
  • -Riftenlogdetails
  • -Riftenmarble
  • -Riftenplazabricks
  • -Riftenroofs
  • -Riftenropes
  • -Riftenstonewalls
  • -Riftenwindows

and some more other things.

You will see the difference as soon as you enter your New Riften ! I hope you Enjoy it !

All Textures are in 2 Versions available

2048x2048 2K Resolution


1024x1024 1K Resolution

Now Its time to download and please take a Moment to come back to give your Endorsments.

Like every other Modder I have put a lot of time and effort in this Mod to give you all a better Riften.

Enjoy and Thank you all

By the Way if you want to have some real good graphic with my mods i recommend using also this mods

Enhanced Lights and FX

SkyRealism - ENB Evolved - I am using the Realistic Preset or Fantasy

Or Alternative as a Lightning Mod

Realistic Lightning Overhaul


Credits to Nexus and Bethesda
Credits to HTC One Cellphone ( Becuase I have taken some of the Textures with my Cellphone to put them into Skyrim )

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