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When I make mods, I always try to respect some rules.

1. It should be lore-friendly.
2. It should be not too frustrating.
3. It should be balanced.
4. The user shall never realize what he sees is part of a mod. It should be seemlessly integrated into the game, the player should think it was there to begin with.
5. The user shouldn't want to uninstall the mod, as he would think the game would be emptier without it.

"Why Project Ultimatum ?" I hear you ask. Well, that's the name of my most popular mod for Fallout New Vegas. While it obviously isn't the same thing -Skyrim is not Vegas-, the idea remains.
The mod should be game-changing and well-integrated.
Now, I'm not saying this is the best mod you've ever seen. There are better mods. But this one does not try to overhaul the all game.
My goal is to add those little things that should probably have been in the game from the beginning.

It's also designed to not change vanilla forms, and as such, it 's virtually compatible with anything. Everything is scripted. Scripts are clean and will not damage your saves.

All you'll need for it to work properly is the Skyrim Script Extender. To configure it, SkyUI's MCM is necessary.

I will keep working on this mod whenever I get enough time.
Do not hesitate asking for new features. If it can be done without any harm, I'll try to do it.

Thu'um Levelling
This module makes the Voice a full Skill. Level it up and get better !
Each times you shout, you have a chance to level up your Thu'um and slightly decrease the cooldown.

Instinctive Exploration
Look at the sun, then press middle-mouse button (default) to see the current time.

Respect the Jarls
Have you ever tried to sit on a Jarl's throne to see what would happen ? I did.
Nothing happened.
Well, no more ! Now, this is considered a crime and will get you to prison if you don't move from there quickly !
Also, the Jarl's wizard will come and help the guard.

Light Rest
Let's be honest - chairs are useless in the game. Not anymore. Sitting on a chair / bench wil give you a small bonus, like the Rested state - only weaker. A better one will be given if you sit in your owned house.

I've read that !
In the vanilla game, you never know if you've read a book, or not.
From now on, simply look at a book and see if you've read it ! If you get no notification, then you never read it.

Lore Friendly Race Name

Races are renamed to a more lore friendly version. Again, this can be configured in the MCM.

Wood Elf = Bosmer
Dark Elf = Dunmer
High Elf = Altmer
Orc = Orsimer
Argonians = Saxhleel. In their native tongue, it means "People of the Root".
Redguard = Yokudan (from the continent of Yokuda)

Shrines Descriptions

Look at a shrine and see the little notification telling you what bonus you will actually get.
It also works with Auriel's shrine from Dawnguard.

Usable grainmills

You can use grainmills to craft powdered mammoth/horker tusks and bone meal.
If HearthFires is installed, the mod will adapt accordingly.

Animated Shrines

Praying at a shrine will make your character play an animation. It can be disabled in the MCM.

Sprint Tackles

Requested by Midicow. You can use your sprint to tackle enemies. The result will depend on your stamina. To be succesful, your stamina must be higher than your enemy's stamina + 60. Doing so will make some noise (depending on your Stealth skill) but it will be effective if your enemy is on the edge of a cliff. You can tackle falmers and humanoids (aka no animals or monsters). It is possible to tackle multiple enemies in a row but it will greatly damage your stamina.

Useful targets

You can now use practice targets to train your Marksman skill and your spells.

Gold to Septim

This option renames the gold coins to Septim.