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Adds 25 new high quality weapons from Prince of Persia Warrior Within to Skyrim.

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A couple of months ago, I released a mod called "Warrior Within Swords" that featured 2 main weapons from Prince of Persia Warrior Within. When I first started making the mod I knew I wanted to make a bigger pack that included more but I couldn't find the time for it and the mod never received an update. Now, 5 months later, I'm ready to release a proper new version of that mod. Cue in "Warrior Within Weapons".


This new pack contains 13 unique models and 12 variations of those models for a total of 25 new usable weapons ingame. All weapons have HD 4k textures with the exception of the eagle sword and the quiver+arrows (2k). This pack features updated versions of the swords from the previous mod, so "Warrior Within Swords" is no longer necessary and outdated.

I have balanced these weapons to be used from a low level to a high level. Each weapon has adjusted swing speeds, crit damage, reach etc. to levels that I thought appropriate so don't judge a weapon just by it's damage.

As always, all of the weapons are craftable at any forge, can be enchanted and improved. They don't require the crafting perks associated with their respective categories.

Weapon list and classifications:

-7 one handed swords :
~The Eagle Sword (under EBONY)
~The Spider Sword (under IRON)
~The Serpent Sword (under ORCISH)
~The Lion Sword (under EBONY)
~Rustam , Srosh, Haoma (under STEEL)

-6 two handed swords :
~The Eagle Greatsword (under EBONY)
~The Spider Greatsword (under IRON)
~The Serpent Greatsword (under ORCISH)
~The Lion Greatsword (under EBONY)
~Rustam 2H , Haoma 2H (under STEEL)

-3 daggers :
~The Eagle Dagger (under EBONY)
~The Serpent Dagger (under ORCISH)
~The Lion Dagger (under EBONY)

-1 chakram -classed as dagger ingame - (under STEEL)

-1 wooden stick -classed as mace ingame - (under MISC)

-1 2H wooden stick -classed as warhammer ingame - (under MISC)

-2 waraxes:
~Natat (under STEEL)
~Two Headed Natat (under STEEL)

-2 battleaxes:
~Natat 2H (under STEEL)
~Two Headed Natat 2H (under STEEL)

-1 mace:
~Menog (under DWARVEN)

-1 bow + custom quiver and arrows :
~Farah's Bow (under ELVEN)
~Corundum Arrows (under MISC)


1.Extract the archive
2.Copy the contents of the archive in your SkyrimData folder
3.Open the Skyrim launcher or your mod manager of choice and check the WWW.esp


1.Uncheck the esp plugin
2.Delete all files that came with the mod

Do NOT modify/reupload/edit/sell any asset in this mod without my permission. Thank you and enjoy !