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Jojjo and GraceDarkling and zzjay

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New armor set by Jojjo for females

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Spanish
  • Polish
  • Hungarian

This armor is based on the game diablo,but all mesh and textures are original creations by jojjo. 


Adds a female only set of armor,either crafable,or available in a chest in qasmoke.

Crafting under Ebony and upgradable.REQUIRES PERKS!!!!
1 torso
2 different boots
1 gloves
1 hood
6 colours of wigs

The body shape is based on CBBEv3,but it's compatible with any ther body type,and weight slider is not supported.


THE ARMOR IS NOT MINE,IT BELONGS TO JOJJO (meshes and base textures).
Grace Darkling took care of the project and finished the textures+normalmaps and esp.

I simply converted the mesh to be skyrim compatible,and made a wig for the hood.
The wig is obviusly not craftable,and can be obtained only in qasmoke or with console

THEREFORE I won't support this mod,i'm simply uploading,becuase i'm the only one with some free time.
Every complaint or request should be addressed to the original autor,at your own risk.

I'd also like to say thanks to KingUggi for exporting the armor from a .3ds max file to a blender compatible one.

CANNOT be sold or posted on Creation Club!!!!



Please contact either me, gracedarkling,or jojjo if you want to use this mod.
JUST ONE of us is FINE!

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Pictures are from Grace and kinguggi,so dunno.

By Gruntlock

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