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This mod let\'s you choose between a variety of colors for Your Demon Hunter Armor. The Colors you can choose between include Black, Black and Red, Green, Blue, Purple and White.

Permissions and credits

Thanks to Kaldaar for letting me use his pic! ^^ <3

A few weeks ago i was a beta tester of the beautiful Demon Hunter Armor by Jojjo, GraceDarkling and zzjay, and i loved using the armor. The design was unique, but i figured that some People wouldn't like the color of it. So, i decided to recolor it. The main reason i'm uploading this mod here is because alot of my friends didn't know how to recolor armors and they asked me to upload for them. So....Yeah! :D ^^

Right now there are 6 variants to choose from:

-Black and Red (Thanks to Adipsycho^^)
-White(Thanks to Adipshyco^^)

Feel free to upload any Pictures, as long as they stay within the Nexus rules! <3

1. First install the main armor mod, if you haven't already :

2. Install the retexture with NMM or manually (NMM is recommended).

a) NMM: Click yes to all overwriting questions.

b) Manually: Copy the files from the folder you've downloaded and paste them into your own
-> Data -> textures -> zzjay -> Armors -> jojjo
Say yes to overwriting.

3. Enjoy! ^^

If you decide you want to uninstall or try another one of the retextures:

NMM: Just uninstall the mod.
Manually: You have to get the files from the original mod and let them overwrite the retexture again.

If you have any issues, please adress them in the comments.

Right now i'm open for requests, so If you have any particular color you want, just ask and i'll see what i can do.

- Jojjo, GraceDarkling and zzjay for working together in order to make the Demon Hunter Armor. This mod wouldn't be here without them.

- Gimp

-All of my supportive friends for engouraging me to learn new things every day.

Please don't upload my retexture on any other homepage or hoster without asking me first.
If that happens, i'll likely not do any of theese kinds of mods anymore.