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The greener and spikier glass armor from Morrowind!

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ATTENTION: I'm not really sure how leveled lists work, so, if anyone can tweak this to place the items only near morrowind and solstheim, i'd be really grateful. Meanwhile, the items ARE included in the leveled lists as random loot... OR... you can steal Irileth's armor, haha!

This was included in the mod Morrowind armor for Skyrim. The mod page has permissions to edit and tweak the mod as we saw fit... And i didn't see it fitting with Dragonborn once it was updated to 1.2 and lost many, many of its items. The mod also seems abandoned after the 1.2 patch for dragonborn was released. A shame, it at least had sets of bonemold and citin weapons.

This armor was originally made by Bingles, and it was called Splinter Glass armor. I asked for permission to upload the tweaked meshes here.

This mod adds his splinter glass armor, tweaked by the Morrowind armor for Skyrim team[?] to have sleeves, a few extra details, and an eye cover on the helmet. The helmet works on beast races and orcs, and there is also a set of weapons - Those will be kept, thankfully, because replacers can be used on them. Already got a bow, sword and greatsword, thanks to Insanitysorrow and a bit of patience. Can't share these models, tho.

All items can be crafted with the glass smithing perk and are included on leveled lists AND adds an helmet-less outfit for Irileth, because she's been all over the place already, and is a dark elf. The armor really suits her IMO.

Overwrites anything that tweaks Irileth, obviously. If you have Ethereal Elven Overhaul, place this esp after it and Irileth should get her facelift AND the new armor.

Bingles for the models.
Morrowind Glass Armor team for the tweaked models and new green textures
PlanetSlayer for initial help with trimming down the MorrowindArmor esp
Tes5Edit for making the trimming and cleaning faster and less painful.
Lrsarmways, for granting permission to use some meshes from Expanded Skyrim Weaponry.