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Contains various .ini tweaks for Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini to use with the "INI Edits" section of Wyre Smash.

Wrye Smash. Get it here - [url=][/url]

Put in your Skyrim/Data/INI Tweaks Folder.

- Some of the tweaks you can't apply at first due to the fact they haven't to be added to the ini file. For example, the "Startup Video, ~Disabled.ini" requires you open Skyrim.ini and add "sIntroSequence=" under [General]. Adding the missing line of text applies the tweak. To unapply, delete the lines of text you added.
- The tilde (~) key is used to indicate if the amount in the tweak is default (as it was done with Oblivion).
- Each tweak will have [Skyrim] or [SkyrimPrefs] depending on which file you are supposed to apply the tweak to.

Tweaks taken from:
STEP - Skyrim Total Enhancement Project - [url=][/url]
Tweaks Compilation - [url=][/url]
Skyrim Enthusiast Graphics - [url=][/url]
Skyrim Tweaks Complete - [url=][/url]

List of Tweaks:
Arrow Hits Distant Targets - Allows the arrow to hit distant targets

Autosave, ~15 mins - Autosaves every 15 minutes
Autosave, 5 mins - Autosaves every 5 minutes

Block Load Distance, 3.5k-7k - LOD for extreme distances, default
Block Load Distance, 7k-14k - LOD for extreme distances, doubled

Cloud Render Distance, ~15k - LOD for clouds, default
Cloud Render Distance, 30k - LOD for clouds, doubled

Decal Render Distance, ~1k-1.5k - LOD for decals, default
Decal Render Distance, ~3k-4.5k - LOD for decals, doubled

Warning taken from Skyrim Enthusiast Graphics) NOTE: Once you increase the value of uGridsToLoad any new saves will fail to load if you revert back to a lower value. CURRENT SAVES WILL NOT BREAK. THERE IS A SOLUTION TO FIX BROKEN SAVES.
I recommend viewing Skyrim Enthusiast Graphics before applying this tweak.]
Distance Load Tweak, ~5 - How much of game world is loaded, 5 grids default
Distance Load Tweak, 7 - How much of game world is loaded, 7 grids
Distance Load Tweak, 9 - How much of game world is loaded, 9 grids
Distance Load Tweak, 11 - How much of game world is loaded, 11 grids
Distance Load Tweak, 13 - How much of game world is loaded, 13 grids

File Size Preload Tweaks - Controls amount of RAM available for preloading

Grass Distance Tweak, ~7k - Controls when grass starts to fade, default
Grass Distance Tweak, 14k - Controls when grass starts to fade, doubled

Max Anisotropy, ~ 8 - Controls the level of max anisotropy, 8x
Max Anisotropy, 16 - Controls the level of max anisotropy, 16x

Note: For the higher values to work one must download 4GB Skyrim -]
Max Memory - 2GB - Adjust the maximum amount of memory available, 2GB
Max Memory - 3GB - Adjust the maximum amount of memory available, 3GB
Max Memory - 4GB - Adjust the maximum amount of memory available, 4GB

Max Particles, ~750 - Controls Max Particles, default
Max Particles, 6k - Controls Max Particles, 6k

]Note: Higher values do not seem to have much of an impact
Max Tree Render, ~20 - Controls max skinned trees, default
Max Tree Render, 24 - Controls max skinned trees, 24

Note: Lower values have little effect, higher values for performance increase
Min Grass distance, ~20 - Minimum distance between grass, default
Min Grass Distance, 80 - Minimum distance between grass, 80

Note: Disable for better mouse
Mouse Acceleration, ~Enabled - Mouse acceleration enabled
Mouse Acceleration, Disabled - Mouse acceleration disabled

Multisampling, ~4 - Controls multisampling, default
Multisampling, 8 - Controls multisampling, 8

Quest Markers, ~Enabled - Quest markers, enabled by default
Quest Markers, Disabled - Disables quest markers

Startup Video, Disabled - Disables the startup video

Tree and Land Shadows, ~Disabled - Tree and land has shadows, disabled by default
Tree and Land Shadows, Enabled - Enables trees and land shadows

Tree Load Distance, ~7.5k - Distance trees are loaded, default
Tree Load Distance, 30k - Distance trees are loaded, 4x increase

Warnings: Disabling VSync can lead to your vertical mouse speed acting up since it appears to be synchronized with your actual FPS.
May cause animation glitches and other issues. Use with caution.
VSync, ~Enabled - vertical sync, enabled
VSync, Disabled - vertical sync, disabled

Water Multisampling, ~0 - Multisampling on water, disabled by default
Water Multisampling, 4 - Multisampling on water, 4x
Water Multisampling, 8 - Multisampling on water, 8x

Water Reflection Tweaks - adds options for water reflection to look better

Water Reflection, ~256 - Size of water reflections, default
Water Reflection, 1024 - Size of water reflections, 1024x1024