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This mod allows you to customize and upgrade Castle Volkihar the immersive way either as a feared Vampire Lord or as a noble Vampire Slayer.

Permissions and credits

For Vampires and Dawnguard! Now featuring the auto sort system!


My reasons for making this mod
Immersive? How?
Updating to 1.2
Features added by Immersive Castle Volkihar
Coming up soon!
Recommended mods
Required files
Installation and uninstallation

Feel free to upload your screenshots of your castle!

My reasons for making this mod:

When I first played the Dawnguard DLC, I really looked forward to owning Castle Volkihar and thought that you would have the option to rebuild it and when Garan Marethi asked me about the passage to the courtyard I thought it was a dream come true! But 1 passage... Really?!? Its a Castle!!!!
Well anyway I looked for mods that rebuilt the Castle. Some are great but well, not really immersive....(I'm a big fan of immersion) and made purely for Vampires.....
So here is my own immersive and highly customizable Castle Volkihar.

Immersive? How?:

Lets just say the changes won't randomly appear. Harkon after all has absolutely no taste what-so-ever so I don't really expect him to suddenly go on a cleaning spree and repair and redecorate his (ex)castle. Neither do I expect the changes to appear as soon as I kill him... It takes a bit more time to repair a castle.
Also it doesn't matter who you have joined, you have won the castle, so why leave all its potential aside? After you have rid the castle of a certain person you can now have the Castle as your own base and show your allegiance to the Companions, College of Winterhold, Dawnguard, Dark Brotherhood, Thieves guild, Empire, Stormcloaks....ect....

Updating to 1.2:

Remove all of your items from the containers in the castle as the mod now features the auto sort system. Make a clean save and then update.


Portuguese Translation by metal33br. See the main files download under "optional". Load after the main file.

Features added by Immersive Castle Volkihar:

Note: You will have to decide how you want your castle to look like!

The architect, Asliel, will only appear after Harkon is dead. He will be in the castle near the forge.
If Asliel dosn't talk to you when you first see him, exit the castle and come back in.

+Choose between Dawnguard, Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, College of Winterhold, Companions, Stormcloak or Imperial banners to display in your castle! You can change them whenever you want!

+Customize the lighting in the Castle! Choose between normal fire lighting or magic lighting!

+Choose between two different rugs sets, red or white

+Do the same with drapery! Will you have red decorations or will you go for pure white?


+Talk to an architect to enable the changes

+Watch mages making the magic lights and more!

Other features:


New kitchen
Want better plates so they can be fit for a king? Well you can have them!
Storage for 170+ books in the new quarters!
Secret rooms!
New quarters fit for a king, or a Vampire slayer.
Custom textured Vampire Coffin for the Vampire lord of Skyrim, only for Vampires!


Repair all broken rails
Rebuild the statues
Change the decorations
Choose to worship either the Divines or Molag-Bal
Now choose between 16 different shrines!


Rebuild it to its former glory!
Plant your own plants!
Choose between 3 statues and 3 fountains!
See gardeners work!

Thrall den:

Remake it; choose between 6 different template: Mage, necromancer, warrior, thief, assassin and librarian!
Choose whether to have thralls or not!
New display hall for your artifacts!

Even more things!

Recommended mods:

Predator Vision - Vampire Werewolf and Khajiit by Gopher

Required files:

This mod requires all of the official DLCs to run.


I have made the mod compatible with Royal Bloodline by xyks. If you want to use the Throne Room version of his mod, don't ask the architect to remake your quarters.

Otherwise this mod does not work with mods that change Castle Volkihar in any way!

Installation and uninstallation:

I recommend installing the mod with NMM, just download the file with NMM and install and play!
Otherwise download manually and copy everything in the Data folder of the Skyrim main folder.

If you want to completely uninstall the mod just do it with NMM and go into the scripts folder (located on the data folder of the Skyrim folder) and delete all the scripts that start with CVI.
Do Not Remove any other Scripts or you will break your game!:

For those who want to manually uninstall delete the .esp and the scripts.


This is a Skyrim Nexus exclusive.
If translators want to translate the mod, PM me first to get my authorization.
Do not upload anywhere else!


To Oaristys' Modders Resource Pack for adding so many small but great resources for modders!
To Blary's OpenBooks Resources
Thanks to Bethesda for creating Skyrim
To Gopher for his amazing mods used in the screenshots
To Antioch08 for letting me use his banners
To Sjogga for the scripts that made the auto-loot auto-craft possible.
To DonutsStrongJaw for voicing Asliel
Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.
To all others that I forgot...