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The New Magic Soulgems

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Welcome to Magic Soulgems HD

I've always wondered myself why Soulgems are not have a slightly Glow in them or at least a one that you could really see. I mean you capture Souls in them that means there is some sort of life in them. There has to be some sort of light in them too.So no other Soulgem Mod could give me what I wanted. Well I said to myself enough with this crappy Soulgem look. I wanted a Magic Item to act like a Magic Item. It should look and give the Feel of Magic. I wanted to feel the Soul in it. And the Soulgemholders also didnt look so good to me. Just a boring look of plane Metal. I mean it also holds a Magic Item.? So it somehow has to give me the Feeling that it has to do with Magic. Enough with this Crappy Soulgemholders and Soulgemstanders.

So now you all want to know what I finally did. So here is the Resume:

All Soulgem Meshes were tweaked and edited to give the Desired look.

All Textures have been made from Scratch in HD and were Handplaced(Not just Copy and Pasting Textures) to give the Desired look.

Only the Finest Crystal Textures and some Glass Textures were used.

Some Glowing Shader added for everything

New Cubemaps added for everything

And some minor tweaks to give the Desired Feeling

Please Endorse this Mod if you like it and support this Mod

Maybe I will make another Version if there is enough Request

But for Now enjoy your New Magic Soulgems HD

Credits to Nexus and Bethesda for everything

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