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  • INIGO IN DEPTH - Character, story, and systems

    This article takes a look at some of the deeper aspects of Inigo - subjects I don't feel comfortable addressing fully in the main posts thread due to the length of my ramblings and/or potential spoilers. There are a few spoilers here but they are fairly light and I don't discuss Inigo's story beyond the events of Bad Vibrations and the subsequent conversations about your past and forgiveness. Every topic containing spoilers has a warning in the sub-heading.
    ------------------INDEX------------------1. Why did you make Inigo such a strange colour?

    2. Does Inigo really share a past with the player?

    3. What if I remember Inigo? Why not support this with dialogue options

    4. Arrow to the skull. If Inigo did shoot me how did I survive?

  • How Inigo came to be and how I learned to make him

    This article covers the creation of Inigo in two parts. The first is an overview explaining how I learned, and continue to learn, about modding. It's not a tutorial, but if you're interested in creating a custom follower like Inigo you may find some of the information and links useful. The second is a more personal account of my journey into modding and the crazy events that surrounded Inigo's creation.

    1. How did you learn how to create Inigo?

    2. Losing a film, gaining a cat - the genesis of Inigo
    1. How did you learn to create Inigo?

    First the negative. I'm asked this a lot, mainly by peop...