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Added: 24/08/2013 - 01:47AM
Updated: 19/09/2013 - 03:53AM

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Last updated at 3:53, 19 Sep 2013 Uploaded at 1:47, 24 Aug 2013

This mod is now almost fully functional. When you have the skeleton key in your inventory, your lockpicks will never break. However, while in the lockpicking mingame the lockpick will be just a regular lockpick rather than the skeleton key. I will work on this later and if anyone has any solutions feel free to message me or just leave it in the comments section.

Note that this mod was not made as a cheat mod, but a cheat version has been included. I would in no way consider it a cheat if Bethesda would've allowed you to keep the skeleton key in the vanilla game. They did it in Oblivion and I think they should've done it in Skyrim. There are mods that add a craftable skeleton key to skyrim but there doesn't seem to be one that forces you to complete the questline first (I may be wrong). Anyways in order for you to keep the skeleton key you need to come to the part in the questline where you return it. I won't go into great detail for spoilers sake. In the room where it is removed there will be a chest with the skeleton key in it. Just take it after you finish the quest and there you go! Also included is an optional cheat file. If you want any immersion in the game then don't download this one. It adds a chest next to the bar in the ragged flagon with the skeleon key in it.

Recommended: Use NMM.
Manual: Place the .esp file and the scripts folder into your data folder (yourskyrimdirectoryhere/data).
Uninstall: If you used NMM then deactivate it, if you installed manually then delete the .esp file.

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